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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Jersey, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. I'm comin to the RAMC soon from ITC Catterick and I'm wondering if there's any unwritten rules of the RAMC lol?
  2. Why, u failed infantry or something???
  3. Nah the infantry isn't for me.
  4. 2 soft??
  5. Well seein as i was a week from pass off. No.
  6. its not as bad as plp make out...yeah in the first 3 year when ur i med regt it is all tentage and crap but once u pass that phase the future is orange
  7. Why did you choose the RAMC?

    What do you mean by unwritten rules?
  8. Things like "the doctor is always right"?

  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Depends what trade you have chosen.
  10. Tech trades are cool and get all the chicks (even our chicks get the chicks!).
    D-L likes the smell of desert based Portaloos.
    Wear your TRF upsidedown as according to the letter thats circulating about it, 'it should reflect the Corps colours'
  11. unwritten rules you say! well i can tell you that this corp has more back doors and under the desk policies than the house of commons, fyi, did you know that the ramc has one of the largest masonic communities in the whole army, alot of k**b fiddeling done there. which is why the useless git who continualy a**es up get promoted and you stand still. and before someone pipes up, no i'm not the person standing still, my career's going just fine thank you. also the Mso's are among some of the most average interlectual people you'll have the displeasure to meet, yes they have higher education but a degree in classical languages and flower arranging from the university of ipswich does not make you a leader of men or women for that matter. medical officers are normaly wrong when it comes to anything except matters medical or what they read in the independant over breakfast this morning, as long as it's still this morning or they will have forced it from there haed to make use for the next useless stat they read in the bmj.

    what i can tell you is that you will meet some of the nicest and most reliable people that the british army has to offer between the ranks of pte and wo2 anyway!
    think long and hard about it though fella, i did but i dont regret it at all. good luck and remember day sacks can be used at night because a day lasts 24 hours
  12. :D :D

    Aha, not if you're looking in the mirror of course!
  13. Patch

    dont sit on the fence dude, get it off yer chest! feel better??

  14. and crap - translate as Munster!!
  15. BP20 you are so right.

    The heady days of 5AFA in Oxford bks Munster was almost too much to bear for me.