Coming to OTC on exchange...

Enter with an open mind, you might hate it or you may love it. No doubt it'll be totally different to anything you've experienced before (that could be good or bad ;) )
When I was at London OTC we had a German Paras officer called Hans attached to us. The guy was as mad as a box of frogs. He ended up being RTU'd for kicking off a major incident that involved an extensive search and rescue op around Torpoint while he was found wandering wet and naked by a taxi driver when we were on camp.

If you do get attached, please try and maintain the (dis)honourable traditions won't you ;)
Warm said:

Just thought i'd reference this thread through this forum on the hunt for opinions and advice,


There is, as someone said on the other thread, an MOU about to be signed (delayed as always) that will allow chocs and stabs to "serve" while in the other country.

Best bet is to contact your APA or better still DRSC. You may have to go inactive here in Aus prior to joining the TA? Not sure what the situation is at the moment. PM me if you want and I'll do some research - beats working!

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