Coming to an AK near you!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by catchyerselfon, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Brief me...not gonna watch 9 mins of video to find out.
  2. 3 mins in... Boring
  3. 5 mins. still yawning
  4. Sorry guys no gore!
    Cut down AK with a mod'ed trigger mech and a silencer.
    Clip ends with 'Sniper' range work and then clips of loads of silencers being manufactured.

    Edited for Mong spelling
  5. 6 mins. Still poo
  6. 7 mins. I'm yawning
  7. Bad Crow
    It wasn't meant as a gore fest dude.
    Chill Winston
  8. What a complete waste of time. That was Sh1te. I will never get them 8 mins 22seconds back. For what! Thankyou for stealing nearly ten minutes of my life!
  9. Basically, a Homemade AKM Bullpup Mod using the Mag as a Grip, huge scope on top. and a "Suppressed" Bolt gun being tested by "Juba"
  10. Ha ha
    Bloody Kingo's!
    Can never have 'em happy eh.
  11. from viewing the u tube vid i dont think i can hear a supersonic crack from the rifle with the moderator, means some clever cookie is loading up, or has access to, subsonic velocity loaded rounds.
    that custom concealable suppressed AK is a butchers job, rough as fu*k, brackets, welding ect, the totaly unsafe exposed trigger extension bar gave me a shudder,
    dont stop it being a nasty little assassins tool though,
    the idea of the bolt hook is to stop the working parts reciprocating when you fire, with the moderator and subsonic ammo makes for a very quiet single shot.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Aye a butcher's job but if it looks stupid & works, it ain't stupid.
    The extension is a bit iffy, like an exposed SA80 transfer bar, though for the wpn's use it's fine, besides who gives a damn if they have a ND & hit one of their own ?

    The tgt rifle has a large cal receiver while the rds at the 'range' sound like low vel rimfire, could be the mic or the editing unless the reloader knew his stuff. Shame about the bbl mounted Harris mind.

    The final shot of all the moderators is too steady to be the same vid, I think this may have been made as a propoganda film.

    One point though, the scope on the AK at the 'range' looks surprisingly like a ZF4, although it might just be the poor reproduction of the video.
  13. Fcuk me what a rifle !!! Just the tool if you ever fancy auditioning for the male half of an Arabic Peters & lee. Looked a fcukin deathtrap to me.

  14. My Unit captured an Austrian M1895 rifle with a full length "Can" & P-38 with "Can" as well from an Individual north of Rte. Irish.

    The Rifle "Can" replaced the entire Barrel, was of maxim design, & surprisingly in the Original 8X50R caliber worked decently.

    The Walther was an "AC41" all serials Matching(including magazine) used it as a "Hush Puppy" for a while, worked quite well.

    Our S-2 had an entire Connex full of Captured goodies; No.4, Mk1 & 2's, Bren Mk.1's, P14's, M1917's, PPsh-41's, Shah era G-3's, Khomeini era G-3's Sterlings, several Mk.V Stens, an Stg.44 in surprisingly excellent condition, and a Gold Plated M1 Thompson, of course the usual AKM trash as well.