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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. We're doomed Cpt Mainwaring, we're doomed.

    Here's a bit of advice from Cpt Mainwaring if the monkeys knock on your door....Don't tell them your name, Pike,
  2. What's wrong with "SS Marching Music"??? I thought everyone liked a good tune.
  3. Didn't the band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards do a complilation of SS Marching Music on CD last year?
  4. I dunno? Do I look like a bandsman?!?!?! Oh....I have put a few lbs on over quite possibly :)
  5. Looks like some walts will be getting a shock
  6. its mostly borrocks, once again the vast majority of these 'soldiers' will turn out to be walts wishing they were in the army.
    have a look through the 'Walt' thread in the naffi, a lot of the wannabes have the nasty wiff of BNP about them.
  7. I came across this (Not in a man-fat way!) Is this you Smudge?

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  8. Worryingly this isn't a walt.....

  9. Is that his willy poking out ?
  10. If it isn't a walt?
    And it isn't some inanimate, inflatable thing?
    What the fcuk is it? 8O
  11. Same guy, Swedish Army, I'm told.

  12. It seems that the Guardian is still trying to ride the wave of outrage from Harry's latest indescretion (sp?).

    A bit of a non-story 'equality do-gooder' demand an enquiry - MoD launches one. Probably end up like the Bichard Report and conclude that the whole army will be racist and therefore render us totally ineffective as the Govt implement massive PC led changes.
  13. Hey there! Welcome back 'Real' and 'Intelligent' '.Sven'. Don't know who you are, but under that name, you are such a relief!!!!

  14. Could this be the excuse for the Stalinist purges to begin. Comrade Broon's Krystalnacht
    ( excuse the mixed dictatorships )