Coming soon - Deathwish 2006

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Following Charles Clarke's departure from the HO, I wonder if there is a film in this...

    The film opens with maverick veteran detective Chuck Clarke called in by his long time buddy and former partner, Captain Blair. Chuck has to take a fall for the escape and subsequent disappearance into the LA underworld of foreign criminal geniuses. Gun and badge duly handed in, he is forced to resign. However Chuck feels that the department under Commissioner Mandelson is dragging its heels and decides to use his newly freed up time to hunt down the villains who have trashed his reputation.

    His efforts are hampered by smoothy cops from the commissioner's office Milliband and Kelly but he is surprisingly aided by gangland bosses Brown and Presscott - who seek Mandelson's downfall....

    What do you think boys, Gene Hackman with cotton wool stuck to his face and a pillow up his shirt to play Chuck Clarke?

    DEATWISH 2006 - He's back-bench and it's personal!
  2. Bull Maynard to play Clarke: [​IMG]

    Graham Norton as Pansy Mandelson

    Jabba the Hutt as Prescott
  3. not even jabba the hutt would accept that role, it would be degrading and far too fatening for him. I vote for peter kay
  4. Given the choice of Clarke, Blair, Brown or Hewitt et al - i'd vote for Peter Kay least we could have a bit of a laugh.."Tax and spend? Tax and spend? You dirty b-ds..."