Coming Soon - a policeman to YOUR front door

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hmmmmm. Not a lot I can say about that in fear of being arrested.
  2. Well i hate to agree this the daily hate but put simply, they are right with these stories, and frankly the idea of a national police force absolutely terrifies me with what a single police force could get away with without the regulation of other police forces especially under the corrupt leadership theyre under from the top down to the chief constables
  3. liabour = comi = reds political bas ta'rds
  4. There's not enough MBE's to go around so they have to lock up all the hetros in case they get left out
  5. Unbefcukinglivable.

    What do our plod members think of being in the shoes of those two bobbies?

    I would have told my supervisor to poke it. What the fcuk is going on with the plod of today? Any sane 'person' would have ran a mile rather than pick up that shout.

    I know its the mail but FFS.
    I am so fcuking pissed off with some of the pansy policing that they keep coming up with and what the senior officers keep pushing.
    If the plod keep this up, we won't be giving them anything to do come the revolution.
  6. Does anybody know how to email that to Tony Blair. I know where the local councillor lives... Do you reckon that posted through the door would do owt.

    Them Bobbies would have been in their right to arrive then fcuk off as no law seems to have been broken.
  7. I heard a brief news radio report once on New Years Day stating that "The police now have new powers of arrest of any one for any offence!!"
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice to see the Mail still talking $hite!
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I actually heard this reported some days ago on BBC Radio. I personally think what people get upto in their bedroom is their own business, unless they stick their sexuality in my face, then ask me for an opinion. As to my religious position, like other people's sexuality, or unless I'm specifically asked in a religious context, I tend to keep it to myself. However this does seem heavy handed police action, if its now a crime to hurt people's feelings I'm in SERIOUS trouble :wink:
  10. Like I said, what sort of bobby woud go on a shout like this....or don't any of you have gonads these days?
  11. This sort of harassment of dissenters has been under way for a few years.

    "Taki" Theodoracopolous was "under investigation" by Scotland Yard and theatened with felony charges for writing that:

    "It seems almost obscene to be sitting in bucolic Gstaad rubbing it in, but boy, oh boy, was Enoch [Powell] — God rest his soul — ever right! Now there’s a man who was tough on the causes of crime long before crime had been Blaired. Or Strawed. Or Blunketted. What a bunch of bullshitters. Britain is being mugged by black hoodlums, people are being cut down in the streets à la Mogadishu in the early Nineties, and these clowns are passing a Bill which will put the poor little Greek boy in jail if I dare to defend Slobodan Milosevic (which I do, by the way).

    "Thoughts On Thuggery"

    The story of that inquisition is recounted here:

    Journalist Robin Page was arrested, on charges of "inciting racial hatred" for giving a speech upholding the rights of fox hunters because:

    several people complained to police about his speech, in which he allegedly said supporters of the traditional country way of life should be given the same rights as blacks, Muslims and gays.

    It was noted that "Police investigating allegations of racism, homophobia and domestic violence have raided about 150 addresses across London." "Hate Crime Police Raid 150 Homes" 13 November 2002

    Note how they lump together "racism, homophobia and domestic violence." The implication is that wife-beating falls within the same moral category as making a disparaging remark about "poofters" or citing the Old Testament on the fate of sodomites.

    The British nomenklatura, like its counterparts around the world, recognizes no sphere within which the government ought not intrude and sees no virtue in leaving alone people who are doing nothing but minding their own business because "there is nothing 'private' under socialism: not your land, not your larynx, not even your thoughts."
  12. Big Brother is Watching You!!!
  13. hey guys your forgetting that we no longer live in great britain but rather we now live in blairs standard britain on it,s way to becoming tones sub-standard britain. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  14. At least a bloody Communist wouldn't privatise the armed forces.