Coming out of the closet - again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gyran_Tol, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. this is getting fucking annoying inflitrator
  2. Prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations of national exposure on BB by telling all to the immensely compassionate broad church that is the ARSE membership. You know that you want to...........
  3. Always had my suspicions. To be'll be no surprise to anyone!
  4. Once could be written off as 'confused' feelings. But coming out twice?

    Definate screaming queen - just turn up to your next family gathering in arrse-less leather chaps and a cowboy hat.
  5. When using a shared terminal, you really should log off when you leave the room. Will you never learn?
  6. he is my boss and sent me on a urgent task...
  7. He's only helping you tell the world what you really want them to know.........
  8. But logging out takes mere seconds!

    (Rim his brew-mug later... :D )
  9. I know it is my own fault for being a trusting person. When my boss sends me out on a urgent task, i take it for an urgent task. Not quick get him out the office so i can wind him up on arrse again
  10. Well in that case, as he's your boss and you cant say it, I'll do the honours. Infiltrator, you're a knob!
  11. It's a fair cop! do you hear me arguing?
  12. I must say i work (obviously by the number of posts weve been doing today)in the same office and i would say it was a worthy wind up the reaction on gyron-tol's bracket was quality he had that, i'm really upset but trying really hard not to show it look all over his face. but yeah he is a knob (can you tell im posted)
  13. 8O I think this whole account high jacking thing is going to far, I DID NOT WRITE THAT BOSS, itwasntme! :wink:
  14. I have to congratulate a well organised operation to remove me from said terminal. It was a plan of uttermost cunning and execution. Apparently Hallveg had a hand in it which he is currently denying?

  15. Hang on a mo. I'll take it from anyone else but you! I seem to remember that you were somewhat instrumental in the whole affair, with little nudges and winks to point me to something that you knew that I couldn't resist. I think that you've figured out that I'll do the stuff that you are simply scared to do yourself! I feel extras coming on!!!!!!!!