Coming our way or not?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FrankIG, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Just posting this as a subject for debate. Should Britain be worried or is it something that we will deal with in our own way? I do suspect it's happening to an extent already, Abu Hamza springs to mind with street preaching.

    By the way, rants by EDL/BNP supporters are not welcome. I'm hoping for some reasoned and reasonable debate
  2. Net nany here won't allow us to see/ hear this.

    So what's the sp?
    Another bunch of right-wing anti muslim loons preaching hate?
    or another bunch of deity botherers with more money than sense?
  3. Agreed absolutely, but then don't we all have an agenda of one sort or another. It is however why I put the clip up with minimal comment. Christian fundamentalists scare me just as much as muslim (or any other sort).
  4. Mick It's a CBN 'report' about large numbers of muslims taking over (their words not mine) streets in Paris as effectively open air mosques.
  5. A subject area I suspect close to the hearts of very many people, not only on this forum but across the whole of the UK.

    Having watched the footage you so very kindly took the effort to upload, I had to restrain myself from setting fire to the dog.

    I also suspect that not only is this...let's call it behaviour...going on in the UK & France, but also many other European countries.

    When it come to this highly emotive subject I lack a reasoned & responsible debate, and so I shall gracefully bow out of this thread.
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The report left more questions unanswered that it chose to answer:

    • Why are Muslims congregating in the streets to pray?
    • Are there not enough prayer spaces or mosques?
    • Is it a protest against recent French laws - such as that banning the Burkha?
    • How long has this phenomena being going on?
    • Does it predate the legislation I mention above or post date?
    • Is this a valid political protest?
    • Afterall the French take to the streets at a whim to protest the decisions of their governments?
    • Indeed if it is a protest - it's damnably civilised in comparison to most French protests?
    • Why was it important to bring up the issue of polygamy?
    • Was it because polygamy is illegal under French law or becuase they are Muslims practicing polygamy?
    • By the way under the Napoleonic Code you can marry your sister.
    • Finally who is this Radu Stoenescu?
    • What are his qualifications - he is described as an Intellectual
    • (mind you so is Antoine du Caunes, which is a bit like us describing Graham Norton as Emertus Professor of Semantics at LSE)
    • All I can find if a websites that show a video of him debating Minarets in Switzerland against Tariq Ramadan or his film bio - he was in Blood & Chocolate doncha know (could be a diff guy though, just saying).
    The video does not seek to establish any investigation into the "Islamisation" of Paris, rather it seems to pull out those repeating the mantras of Islamisation like continually saying it will make it true.

    CBN - supported by Pat Robertson - no definately no agenda there no sireee.

    The paranoia of Islamisation of Europe/US is getting all rather Protocals of Zion for my liking.

    Hofstadter was right.
  7. There may, or may not, be a problem but you certainly can't rely on CBN as your basis for making a decision.

    They were reporting the stuff from the Russian fictional novel almost as if it had already happened, backed up by the publisher having a moan because no-one in France wanted to read it.

    Couldn't be because it's just a load of bolleaux, obviously.

    And I have to say that blocking the streets to make a point is as French a habit as eating garlic - it's the SOP for anyone with a grievance over there.
  8. You should be scared. Very scared.

    Praise the lord that cbn has had the courage to report the truth.

    This is happening all over western europe. It is happening almost daily in even the smallest market town and community. Muslims are slowly taking over the world. You dont know about it because its being hidden from you. There is a global governmental conspiracy to keep this out of the media. They dont want us to know the truth.

    Praise the lord that a fundamental religious organisation has been the only one to grandstand this.

    You should be scared. You should be very very scared. The battle of the religious loons is upon us. Apocolypse now.
  9. my favourite part is when they show muslims being interviewed: "this muslim says this , this muslim woman says that" without us actually hearing what they're saying...

    and what's this? you can't tell poor people they're wrong?

  10. I'm going to take the 'kind' option here that this was a tongue in cheek reply. Note that I fixed your spelling mistake with a capital A

    I don't subscribe to the belief that we are being swamped by hordes of muslims all intent on imposing Sharia law etc etc over western Europe. That there ARE a small minority of them is true, but they are a not truly representative of the greater number of members of their faith. I do however subscribe to the belief that multiculturalism is a failed experiment in the UK, and that integration, as in past large scale immigrations, was a better policy. Many have stated their thoughts on 'When in Rome ....' and I feel that logically a better way to live in a new country is to fit in with the way of life, laws etc that are already there. After all, surely those are the things that drew you to that place to start with???

    I'm holding no brief for CBN either. Their reporting is no doubt flawed by their own position, just as is al-Jazeera and others. As I said originally fundamentalist of any hue scare the crap out of me!!

    I suppose what I'm wondering is: whatever happened to compromise, neighbourliness and just trying to get along as opposed to insisting on being a special case with special rights? I grew up in Birmingham in the 50s as an Irish Catholic, and I saw the slightly uglier side of things. That said I don't remember thunderous orators and preachers telling all and sundry about how oppressed we were. Neither did I see that amongst the black West Indian friends, the Polish friends, the Jewish friends et al I had (not until the racism industry got going in the 70s anyway).