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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Spawned from the "Memorable stuff from your formative years" thread, who do you think is funny and who's not?

    My list - Funny
    The Marx Brothers
    Bob Hope
    Will Hay
    The Monty Python crew
    Dickie Henderson
    Ray Allen (and Lord Charles)
    The Mighty Boosh guys
    Tommy Cooper

    The Three Stooges
    Gerry Lewis and Dean Martin
    Ricky Gervais
    Canon and Ball
  2. I thought the Beeno was good but the Dandy sucked.
  3. Very, very unfunny - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. The Frank Spencer character was the first person that the young Pigshyt_Freeman ever wanted to strike in the face with a shovel - a list that has grown exponentially over time.

    "He does all his own stunts you know", my Mum and Granny would say, as I silently prayed that he would be killed or maimed whilst doing so.
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  4. Just how old are you Joe?
  5. Comedy can have a very short shelf life and it's an indication of real wit when it can still make you laugh years after it was produced.

    One of the best illustrations of this is American adult animations, most of which are very topical, albeit often obliquely, you can see it when you get a "new" episode on free telly, they invariably fall flat, whereas if you've a "premium" channel and get them as they're released they're... well, more amusing anyway.
  6. I used to like "The Fast Show". There was a bit of padding, particularly in the first series, but the good characters really came on as the show progressed. I was disappointed when it finished but I do believe in the dictum of "leave them wanting more".

    Unfortunately, it was not a philosophy that was held by Paul Whitehouse & Co. They were recently tempted back by the offer of filthy lucre by Fosters, who sponsored a comeback series online.

    Oh dear. What terrible shite.
  7. I remember that fucking show. It was the first time I ever shouted at the telly.
  8. Three stooges were class. granted not much of a plot but for gratuitous violence they were peerless. I got the cane at the age of 7 for doing the nose pull'n'slap.

    Dickie Henderson! WTF did that soft shoe shuffling smug git ever do that was funny? I have had proctological exams I have had more laughs through than any of the Sunday night variety shows he was in.
  9. Lenny Henry stopped being funny from about 1984
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Sandy Powell, I believe that Arthur Lowe based his 'pissed up' act on Sandy.

    W C Fields, still funny as fuck.
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  11. I think that Prince Harry geezer is a great comic, true NAAFI style, gets his kit off at the drop of a hat ..... Loved him in the film "Coming to America"
  12. Basically anything around the 70's that tumbled into the 80's. All that 'The Comedians' shite. Manning, O'Connor, Bowen, et al. Not not funny at all.

    Although, strangely when I was a kid, I found Kelly Monteith quite funny

    Any comedy pairs, Cannon & Ball, Little & large, etc just were so predictable is was painful. I'm even finding Morecambe & Wise a little tedious now. One exception - The Two Ronnies

    Jimmy Carr
    Frankie Boyle
    Alan Davies
    Nearly all those desparate game show desperado's

    I used to watch that Michael Macintyre live rubbish on Saturday nights to see if there was any new talent coming through, but it was just dominated by:
    Black women talking about the woe's of being a black woman
    Jewish women talking about the woe's of being a Jewish woman
    Posh blokes talking about the woe's of being a posh bloke
    Scruffy student types talking about the woe's of being a Scruffy student type
    ad infinitum

    Eddie Izzard. Not liked by everyone but I find him hilarious
    Rich Hall
    (some) Russel Howard
  13. Apparently, it is possible to be a comic and yet be completely unfunny.

    This cunt.


    He has built an entire career (On The Buses, Last of The Summer Wine, The Krays - where he played a local copper) on pulling his one and only silly face and going, "Bah..Bah" a lot.

    Laugh? I thought I'd never start.
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  14. I would have agreed but I saw him play in Swaziland not long before he deid and he was outstanding (and also doing pratfalls well into his 60's). It was also the first time I'd seen someone tie a proper bow tie - and well - in seconds without a mirror. It took me some time to emulate that.
  15. There are no funny female comics - fact. Jokes about periods, shoes and how shit men are just aren't funny. Whoever that screechy four eyed Geordie bitch is that keeps cropping up on TV is an annoying cunt.