comfy chairs..?

Uh-huh, and how much a throw for the flat-screen monitors? Like Moody says, why the feck can't they put up with the kack that the rest of us have to manage with, and spend the dosh on equipping the lads that need it!
:evil: :evil:
I'm keeping weel out of this one for the Slagging I will get. But my moniter is better than the last one
I recently purchased similar chairs for the staff in my prison. The chairs were manufactured by our prison industries, same design as those shown in the picture and built to last. The price? $199. per chair. If MOD would like to get in touch with me.....

Mr Happy

I've worked in a place that had those chairs when they were first released ('97) and they're not that comfy. I would like to know why the MOD is buying the top of the end chairs for their staff's arse and bottom of the range radio's...
they took our chairs out of the sangars i was in so we had to sleep on the tables :lol:
its easy to get a bad back when you sit on your big fat arrse as long as most of these MOD civservice scummers........... :twisted:
Ozgerbobble said:
its easy to get a bad back when you sit on your big fat arrse as long as most of these MOD civservice scummers........... :twisted:
I ain't gonna bite :evil: :evil:


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London_Jock said:
have a look at the high-res version - judging by her scribbles on the board by her monitor, she has the messiest writing known to man...

Take a look at her scribbles board. Fourth line from the bottom.

Is it me or does it say: "Find bb for 05" ??

Blonde Bint doesn't just have the IQ of a vegetable, she really is a plant !
Good to see that Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent of the Telegraph has taken this story to the front page: "MoD chairs £1,000 each as troops face axe", and Sky news this morning had a live interview item about it, the consensus being that while it's all very well that fat-arrsed civil servants get these things so that they don't get piles or whatever, the fact that the troops in Basra and other luxurious environs have to buy their own kit, such as boots etc, is just a bit, well, off.
Dust on yer porridge, Brucefeller? Eee, luxury, you lucky basta*d. Now when I were a lad, we couldn't afford dust. Had to make do wi' DU residue.....:lol:
Aye, lad. It's t'dust int' swimmen pewl what irrytaets now, tho'.

Good thing there's a border between here and eyerack's all I've got to say.


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/ on rant Mode


I too saw this total crap report in the Torygraph.

This week, my Colonel told me as we sat on Beckingham ranges in the rain, there are going to be a LOT of newspaper stories about Defence going down the toilet faster than Siht through a goose.

Basically Gordon brown is going to stand up in parliament today and say

' You're all a waste of the Tax-payers money, we can do without you, sod off '

My Colonel said: don't worry guys, we'll be all right, in fact this regiment will actually double in size .

What he didn't say was that in my day job I would be ONCE MORE subjected to the usual CRAP from lazy journos talking to drunken seniors in a Whitehall pub and looking for another Ministry of Waste story.

Well BUGGER IT....I am SICK of being told that the whole problem with the MoD is that it is run by and for the benefit of the Civil Serpents, who are of course lowest of the low, worthless oxygen-thieves, and everything will be all right if we sack them all and let the Services do everything for themselves.

( in Burma and China then ? )

Another example was some ******** Tory MP on Radio 4 saying :

'Well of course it's well-known that there are only 90,000 fighting men being looked after by 120,000 civil Servants.'

BOLLCOKS! Army trained strength 01 Apr 04 = 103,000

this is all about 'DIVIDE AND RULE'.....let's get the Services and the CS fighting amongst themselves and they won't gang up on the Treasury and say

'It Can't be done, you TWATS'

Argh....I'm going to get a new job ....let's see:
JOBS which people repect more than moD Civil servant

1) Journalist
2) member of Parliament
3) scum-sucking Heroin dealer paedophile porn king


/rant mode OFF
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