Comfy Boxes

Got some lads off out to sunny places.

Would be interested to hear what people put in their boxes - oo er missus.
Gingernuts, Swarfega and puppets.
I would put stuff in that would be useful to me while on deployment, probably the same as the Sandman has listed!


sandmanfez said:
Gingernuts, Swarfega and puppets.
I agree with gingernuts & puppets but swarfega should be available on grounds of H&S on site. Rich tea a good alternative to gingernuts but avoid choc hobnobs.
Rollerblades, forget the puppets - they wear out after a while. Oh, and take a bath plug, always take a bathplug
Of course, you get what you pay for, but a quality puppet should last a lifetime. Dont leave the Swarfega to chance, after all, chafeing is no laughing matter.
a rechargeable AA battery set - porn - local newspapers - footy mags - boiled sweets - board games - packs of cards - roll on deoderant - spare socks - foot powder (Boots athletes foot) - razor blades - letters from pen pals (from local papers - get your PSAO to run an advert)
if youre going to Afghanistan or Iraq then I would recommend that they put as much chocolate in as possible, and raw fish!
drain_sniffer said:
forget the puppets - they wear out after a while.
bit vigorous with the equipment there DS!
Mittens! Keep your hands warmer than a sandmanfez puppet and you can draw faces on them so they then become multi use! puppet/mitten.
diving kit, sandpaper, jersey heavy wool, snow blower, spare lawnmower blades.

the list is endless.

but really; porn, beanbag, more porn.
I am disturbed to observe that there seems to be a pervasive suggestion that Her Majesty's Quartermaster General would not provide every last item a member of the armed forces might require for six months away from these shores.

Have faith that the British Army stores system will pander to your every need - I doubt you will be disappointed!
Is there not a wiki page for this?

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