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It used to be the case that if you had kit insurance then you could claim once a year for unaccompanied baggage (approx £40). Is this still available/allowed under JPA? I did hear that you could only claim for any increase in the amount of kit insurance you usually have. This all sounds confusing. Does anyone have the JSP752 answer so that I can advise those sending comfy boxes? Thanks in advance.
On a recent briefing I was told by the pay gurus that it was still available. Something along the lines of one claim per operational tour. Not sure where to find it in the jsp but as of early december it was still available
Sad or what - JSP 752:

07.0305. General. Eligible Service personnel are entitled to a payment of IA if
they have purchased insurance to cover their PE in transit. Refund of the actual cost
may be paid, up to the maximum IA rate. However, individuals may not draw IA in
respect of the same operational deployment and therefore it is expected that only one
IA claim may be made within a 12 month period.
07.0306. Supporting Evidence. Service personnel are required to retain, for 24
months, supporting evidence of the purchase and cost of the transit insurance cover to
the full value of their PE. Where this is included in a household insurance policy, it
should be shown separately within the schedule.
07.0307. Method of Rate Calculation. The rate at which IA is paid will be
updated annually by SP Pol P&M (Allces), who will establish the average of 3
insurance quotes obtained from companies selected by them which provide Kit
Ver 12.1 – 02/08/10
7 - 3 - 2
Insurance which includes a minimum of £2500 of cover for goods in transit. The rates
are published in the annual SP Pol P&M (Allces) Directed Letter “Rates of Entitlement
for Allowances for Service Personnel”. The current IA rate is also at Chapter 1
Section 6.
07.0308. Method of Claim. Claims for IA will be submitted by the Service
person using the JPA Expenses Claim system as detailed in the JPA Employee Self-
Service Desk Manual. They are to be submitted within one month of the period
concerned or the date on which the expenditure was incurred. For those personnel
with no access to the JPA on-line system, JPA Form F016 is to be completed and
submitted to unit HR Admin staff for input onto JPA using the Zoom facility. Cadet
Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) should complete JPA Form F016 and submit it to unit
HR Admin staff who will check the form and confirm entitlement prior to transcribing
the full entitlements onto JPA Form F016a which will then be despatched to JPAC for
input to JPA.
07.0309. Method of Payment. All Expenses Claim entitlements, irrespective of
whether they have been claimed using the on-line self-service system or the manual
alternative, will be paid direct to the Service person’s nominated bank account.

Current rate as far as I can find is £48.32 (as at 1 Apr 10)

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