Comfy Box

About to deploy to Afghan, just got my comfy box and a rough idea of what else to put in it. Apparently sexy little Hilary from my office isnt allowed to be put into it. Anoyone reccommend anything usefull?

something incriminating so the monkeys will find it and stop you going or send you home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter Eggs

some putty :?:

and spare toe nail clippings :cry:

Happy Easter :D


Get out of jail free card

Box of cleanex

Return ticket

Large stash of filth

Loads of growlers

Nutty bars


A small matchbox in which, after emptying the matches, you have placed some of your missus' pubic hair trimmings.

You can then at your leisure open the box(!) and have a whiff of home.


You are bound to pick up extra kit out there from people end of touring or from PX, etc. Therefore to make sure that you have room to bring it all back, you should send out your comfy box empty. (This will also make it easier to carry to the QM's)

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