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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, May 23, 2007.

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  1. This has probably came up a few times in the past, but I haven't seen any.

    Well, I'm entitled to half a comfy box, and I'm not sure what I need. I'm mean, sure I can fill it easy, however, what are the things that I could get better use out of by taking them.

    Also, I want to take my laptop, will it best be shoved in my bergan/carried on me on the flight, or in a comfy box?

    Also, when puting my down my sizes for my dessie kit, I noticed that there was shit loads of it. Does this get sent away in a MFO box as well? Or is it a case of stuffing it in a bergan, which seems pretty impossible.
  2. PORN that's all you need and may be a love sock :wink:
  3. Watch your laptop,know a few lads who have had them go tits up with the sand ect.
  4. Yup a good w@nk sock is essential, possibly best getting a good heavy duty real wool sock as it has the capacity to soak up lots of man fat without getting crispy. :wink:
  5. Take a pillow case, and maybe a duvet cover as well. You look like a nonce when you unpack... until everyone looks at whatever NATO lowest bidder bedding they've all got.

    In this era of high tech devices, forget-ye-not comfort when packing the comfort box.

    (Note: This advice isn't from experience, my first ever tour is later this year. Been doing lots of listening to advice.)
  6. Nighttrained,

    Your laptop has to be carried hand luggage and checked by the RAO normally so best take anything dodgy off it.

    Comfy box items should include.....

    1x set of websters kit

    1x TV

    1x Duvet

    10x Bottles of fine malt whiskey

    My teddy bear

    photo's of(if any) people that want you to come back

    Thats what I took to Iraq.
  7. You managed to get away with whiskey?

    Not that I have alot on my laptop, but why would the RAO needs to check, and what for? Surely this is personal stuff.
  8. Only once a week. Try the search function and you will find this question has been asked a million times.
  9. Just put all your porn on a memory stick and keep away from your laptop incase of some jobs worth :x . Top idea with the pillowcase and duvet cover Ive always done that on whatever course, detachment Ive been on Brightide. It doesnt take much room up and can slot any hairy blanket, doss bag etc inside it and have a comfy duvet. No point in roughing it on a long tour when you get the chance. :D
  10. pack the following in the comfy box:
    flask - it gets cold at night.
    dvds - for use with laptop.
    phys kit - must have trainers
    pillow case and duvet.
    temperate combat jacket/smock - it will get cold.
    battery operated speakers for laptop and dvds - never good volume on laptop.
    kettle - tommies love a cuppa.
    little home luxuries that only you know perk you up - we are all different at the end of the day, arent we..
  11. bean bag. ******* awesome bit of kit


    most entertainment stuff you can buy out there. psp, laptop etc.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wouldn't take your lap top. Laptops don't like sand, dust, extremes of temperature, and being knocked around. You will find plenty of all of them where you are going. In particular harsh environments kill floppy and CD drives. And why do you need it anyway? Unless you have your own private Sat Phone you won't get net access. If you just want to watch DVDs or play games buy a cheap player instead.

    If you do take it get down to PC World and buy a hard case for it, and keep the thing in a plastic bag.
  13. And a spare hard drive for when the existing one grinds to a slow gritty death.
  14. What that lot said!

    NT, Cant stress it enough. The dust out there is sand based, not nice old friendly UK dead skin dust. When it gets into the machinery (your laptop) it will act like fine sandpaper. the wiring for the screen will be affected as you open and close the laptop where it rubs inside the casing, screen will start to scratch, HDD components will turn from friendly porn providing storage devices into minature rock crushing plants, pushing dust into the most inaccessble places, keyboards will turn into minature 'Dust Qm's departments', with layers upon layers of dust stored ready to balls up your PC at some stage. Air dusting compounds the problem further, pushing the dust into every remote crevice known to Japan. it'll look clean externally but there'll be all hell let loose inside, regardless of how awesome you think you are at cleaning electronics!

    Get a USB portable HDD player thing instead, remote controlled, etc and hoover the thing, dont air dust it.
  15. I'll second that Looney... mine went tits up after 2 months but luckily I managed to get a new one for the Toshiba in the Hadji market at BIAP last year and its still going strong! 8)