Comforts for the troops

Would like to send some crimbo comforts (Drinkable) to a mess in Iraq. Two Questions.
1.Have I left it too late, if so will send anyway.
2.Best way to do it.
I don't know anyone serving so any advice would be welcome.
It's a bit late (for post too!) and I've been drinking but as a starter look at:

feel free to re-open that thread or use it to find out how to proceed.

PM me if necessary.

The Key thing here is "get stuff to the troops". How much it costs, whether they even know where it came from, whether it was exactly what they needed, did it arrive in time for for Christmas, were they too busy fighting the enemy to send a thankyou letter DOESN'T MATTER.

Do the right thing and send something if it's only a postcard.

I've sent my stuff; if you need advice I'll help if I can.


As the deadline has passed the price for sending parcels weighing up to 2kg is £7.29. More info on sending BFPO mail is available here

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