• This is a stand-to for an incoming competition, one of our most expensive yet.
    Later this week we're going to be offering the opportunity to Win £270 Rab Neutrino Pro military down jacket
    Visit the thread at that link above and Watch it to be notified as soon as the competition goes live


remember reading in one of the dailys (Sun?) a while(couple o' years) back that anonymous parcels to BFPO has now been stopped. now we cant send tommy some clean socks/soiled knickers/mars bars/* mags/etc etc in an old clarkes commandos box. anyone got any ideas ? my mrs and kids (ok , and me) would happily send a couple of parcels out especially to anyone with limited/no family. any ideas? can i send a parcel to "Tommy , c/o Tora Bora" or is it named only ? any organisations do them ? if anyone knows of a deserving chap , Pm me - will happily send this months MAYFAIR-YASHMAK SPECIAL and some new batteries ( and a few boxs of link by the sound of it) cheers Elvis

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