remember reading in one of the dailys (Sun?) a while(couple o' years) back that anonymous parcels to BFPO has now been stopped. now we cant send tommy some clean socks/soiled knickers/mars bars/**** mags/etc etc in an old clarkes commandos box. anyone got any ideas ? my mrs and kids (ok , and me) would happily send a couple of parcels out especially to anyone with limited/no family. any ideas? can i send a parcel to "Tommy , c/o Tora Bora" or is it named only ? any organisations do them ? if anyone knows of a deserving chap , Pm me - will happily send this months MAYFAIR-YASHMAK SPECIAL and some new batteries ( and a few boxs of link by the sound of it) cheers Elvis
I'll do the same. Anyone know someone serving in Afghanistan/Iraq currently that will be there at xmas PM their details explaining why they deserve it and I'll send them a parcel for christmas. I'll feel happier on christmas day when I'm eating my dinner to know that one of the lads or ladies overseas also got a smile on their face and I helped put it there.

I'd also like to know what I can/can't put in it these days (never sent one before) and maximum weight / size allowance for it. Cheers.

I'd encourage everyone to do the same. The boys are getting it hard at the moment with so many Ops tours to the sandy places - lets do the right thing.

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