Comfort Packages for the troops in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rodders205, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. New to the forum. This must have been asked many time before so I apologise now for the repitition

    What items and most wanted/needed by troops in Afghanistan at the moment at the moment?

    Some of us are putting some shoe boxes together to send to troops for crimbo.

    A list of items would be most helpful

    Nothing worse than getting a present u dont want!!

  2. Now, this is the point where I make myself as popular as a dose of the clap.

    While it is appreciated that as the build up to Christmas approaches the Great British Public start wondering what the boys would like and start banging out welfare parcels to the boys.

    All through the year they are gratefully received by squaddies of all hues, gender, shapes and size in FOBs and PBs.

    Those away from their families at Christmas will of course be eagerly looking forward to parcels and letters from their families. The problem is the Great British Public once again comes good and floods the system with packages to show that they are thinking of all those guys and gals away from home in the holidays which overwhelms the system. This leads to Soldier Y not receiving the parcel from his loved one because it is held up in the deluge of good will that has filled the system to bursting point. Instead he gets a pair of clean socks, a couple of bic razors and a Pot Noodle. Don’t think I am knocking this but it was not exactly what he was hoping for.

    The amount of mail that can be shifted in theatre is finite and does not increase over the Christmas period. If you wish to show how much you appreciate the efforts of the guys and girls mentioned above give to the charity that supports this whose name escapes me! Useful I know but I have never been on tour at Christmas.

    No doubt someone will dive in and help me out.

    In a nutshell Christmas parcels addressed to ‘Any Squaddie’? Don’t. Please.

    There is enough moaning from certain quarters already at the amount of un-solicited mail (i.e. addressed Any Soldier Male/Female) that ends up in the system. Christmas time is the only time I actually agree with them.
  3. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Does BFPO not have the concept of first and second class mail?

    Addressed to a named individual = First Class
    To 'A Soldier' = Second Class

    Or is that too complex?
  4. Not the reply I was looking for but I get where ur coming from.

    But I have been asked by someone who's in touch with her ex-unit over there to provide some bits and pieces for a parcel drive she is organising for that unit in particular. The unit CO has said that some of her people have gone without any parcels for the last two months.

    I just wanted an idea of the kind of things the squaddies need and cant get a hold of. I wasn't planning to send a pot noodle or other shite like that. I want to know the kind of stuff they cant do without that would make their tour a little bit more bearable.

    Send me a link to a web site that may have the info if you dont want to wright a massive post.
  5. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

  6. Thanks for the thought Rodders205.

    The welfare boxes we got in Bosnia were highly appreciated at the time,but we didnt half the problems getting mail as the chaps out in Afghanistan.

    Sending to a parent unit is far better than trying to send it unmarked,besides the cost of those rip-off merchants in the Royal Mail would charge you if you tried to post them yourselves rather than drop them off at a military base.

    My little pressie box I got for xmas in Bosnia from a family in the UK( any other time would have been great as well )

    1) Paperback reading book ( sci-fi i think it was )

    2) 6 packs of chewing gum

    3) 4 packs of assorted sweets

    4) small notebook

    5) writing pens

    6) 6 packs of cup-o-soup

    7) 2 small packs of kleenex tissue ( in ration packs now )

    8) 3 little bottles of chilli,tabasco sauce. ( lovely )

    9) A letter saying hello and come back safe...unsigned.

    Mind you,the only reason i got the said package was because I happened to be on a supply run down to the main base....all the fellas there got them,and no-one apart from me got them up country.
  7. We tried to send some from the Association - it's a logistics issue over there - i.e. to get them spread over the areas a convoy has to go out, or there's not enough space on a routine convoy? plse feel free to elaborate anyone out there...
  8. I think

    do something along those lines
  9. Mail and Parcels that are named aren't really a problem, it just gets lobbed in the back of a Chopper when resupplying the FOBS/PB's, however tons of unnamed parcels can be a problem especially when space on choppers is limited and required for rations, water, ammo and spares.

    Yes it can be put on CLP's but again space is limited, they will obviously find some space for a few parcels but priority will be given to ammo, water, rations and spares.

    Alway's better to send to named blokes but it's understandable that the public want to do something and it's a nice gesture sending out a parcel and it is appreciated, very much so.
  10. Honestly any kind of parcel will be well received.

    Personally and this is fresh in my mind.

    Super Noodles (food of gods).
    Baby wipes always useful.
    Shower Gel
    A good book, Sudoko is always well recieved long nights in the ops room.
    Tooth paste and brush came in useful.
    Sauces from home HP etc, Tabasco is not required there are loads left over from ration packs.
    Haribo is good however it melts into a bag of jelly goo in the heat, dito for chocolate it doesn't work in the heat
    Monster Munch Crisps Beef or Onion
    Posh coffees went down well too
    the usual also pointed out above razors, however disposables are not much fun to shave with.

    send them they will be well received, I'd suggest sending them to a unit or a Cap badge then they will distribute them on convoys as they see fit.
  11. There was a Major on the radio yesterday appealing to the public NOT to send parcels over the Christmas period as the system can't cope.
  12. Evidently so - for you.

    It doesn't matter how many classes you want to give it - it doesn't change the size of the 'pipe' it has to go down or make Postman Pat magically appear to distribute in theatre. There are tonnes of mail every week going in to theatre and the coupling bridge is finite - and very stretched already. Dozens of very clever people are busting their guts to be cleverer about it, but you can't magic increased capability - then tell everyone to send parcels.
  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    perhaps my comment was a bit simplistic but could we not simply hold non named recipient parcels for onward delivery once the named stuff has cleared for a period

    I dont doubt the effort, I dont doubt the capacity problems, I dont doubt clever people are working on it, I dont doubt you are an expert on logistics

    So why dont you stop getting all outraged, it was just a question
  14. Packets full of bog roll and screwed up newspaper with a note saying: