Comfort in the field

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Arfur, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. OK - when dug in, or stuck in a hrabour area, what tips do you have for keeping comfortable?
  2. battle field laptop, mite not keep u warm but may give u things to do,
    seriously get a webtex medics pouch ,dogs working parts for storing kit and not having to root thru yr gear in the cold and clammy that is an english summer 8) :idea:
  3. Well I don't know about 'hrabour' areas, but if you're dug in for any length of time make sure you sort the floor out. Dry arrse, feet and sleeping area make the difference between 'bearable' and 'abject misery'. :wink:
  4. Someone is gonna shout at me but have u got a steel mess mug ? means a bit less weight to carry! :)
  5. No I'II back you up on that one.

    1.Therma rest
    2.Snug Pac Softie Jacket
    3.Wooly hat
    4.Sealskin Gloves
    5.Deacent Sleeping bag (Softie usually)
  6. O would substitue "thinsulate lined" for woolly hat above.
  7. Yea forgot mine was that
  8. Been a very long time since I retired and out of the country so I'm not up to date on the type of issued clothing/equipment but I always found when in defence in cold, wet conditions dry, warm, feet were essential. I found the overshoes issued to the US forces were a good item of kit to have though only good if static. Goretex waterproofs and a good pair of gloves were good too.

    Main thing is to be organized, when you've finshed using an item (mess tins, weapon cleaning kit etc.) pack it away then you're going to know where it is at all times. If you don't it's going to be trampled underfoot, stolen, or, if you have to bug out quickly especially at night, lost. It may even give your position away. Then you're really going to be uncomfortable. It's always a distinct advantage to have a good partner in your defensive position to share tasks. While one is on stag the other is improving the position, cooking etc. Most important is your weapon, doesn't matter a damn if you are warm, dry and comfortable if your weapon wont work. Keep it clean, dry and lightly oiled.

    Just remember before you load up with all sorts of fancy kit you have to carry it and move fast in it when required without squeaking, rattling or swishing.
  9. I know its basic but it hasnt been mentioned yet.....i've found a gas stove is a fantasic bit of kit. Its quick and gunny. I always keep a hexy aswell but when your cold and time is limited nothing beats cooking with gas!

    NOTE: i do not work for british gas

  10. Green issued string vest !!
  11. A Photo of the missus and the kids, sounds soft i know but when i am up to my neck in mud and water been up for 18 hrs straight it still brings a smile to my face.

    Failing that:

    A good pair of boots/socks
    A softie
    A good sleeping bag
  12. A decient hard core-porn mag, Comfy bum, FM radio, Well charged mobile. :)
  13. Combat Nokia , cos whatever prc radio u get wont work, and at least one person will have a charger . Snugpak/Buffalo shirt-jacket and gaiters berghaus ones are pretty good or marine issue ones are the dogs working parts :) :idea:
  14. I'm a very old ex-soldier now and have no pride left at all, so I say without a doubt the best thing you can have is a hot water bottle, preferably in a green furry cover: keeps it warmer longer, it looks tactical and you can put boiling water in it and it will still be comfortable to hold. I made one out of an old fibre pile jacket that had had its day.

    A piece of tape or cord attached so that you can sling it round your neck and have it under your trews just about at navel height is good too.

    Kept me happy on many a cold night's extended watch.

    A mohair scarf is a great comfort too.
  15. white sports sock.............

    pair of worn girlfriends knickers/top shelf A5......................... :oops:

    Cigar for afterwards...................... :wink: