comfort food for crap weather

Just polished of a large bowl of chilli beef&rice
put a kilo of shin beef in first thing this morning with peppers,onion some fresh chillis and 2 OXO, garlic and tomoto puree, left it all day in slow cooker and just troughed it with Uncle Bens on my return from the pub. It sure took the chill off, and enough left for a late night snack
A big stew with doughballs or in a large Yorkie pudding, served alongside a decent ale/wine always a winner for me. :hungry: Failing that, curry is a winner.
Had a beef goulasch round a mates house on Saturday, had seconds and scraped out the schaefer dish as well.

My mate and his mrs looked at me like a right greedy bast*rd, they'd anticipated having the leftovers for lunch. Ha, bean-stealing, gotta love it!
Lanc hot pot.

Cut price Tesco leg of lamb boned, chunked and browned, some cheap lambs kidneys cored, layered with sliced onions, same weight of sliced spuds and in a wide dish. Topped up with stock, the one off a boiled unsmoked gammon worked well (left over roast lamb and gravy also great). Covered. Low oven for a couple of hours. Uncover, dot with butter, throw on some chopped rosemary. Mid oven till brown.
I just tanned a large pepperoni pizza, choc eclair for pud.

Now im firing into a large bag of peanuts with a large botle of ginger beer.

Fcuking heaven.
Cooked a massive beef casserole with parsnips, carrots, leeks, courgettes, lentils and the ubiquitous dumplings (I'm a southerner) - good for 2 days. Served with jacket potatoes and hot mulled wine. For dessert home-made mince pies with clotted cream. Washed down with real coffee from a coffeehouse in the Wirral (thanks Trans-sane) - added some Aquavit from Sweden.


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nuff said.
Fang_Farrier said:

nuff said.

Temp is down to a mere 10C here in HK so we had a chilli and home-made refried beans last night - wonderful! (It did get a bit cold during the night - the duvet kept being blown up into the air......)
JoeCivvie said:
Oh - and if it carries on like this a cassoulet is DEFINITELY on the cards.
With haricot beans? Always loved any meal I had in France which involved these. Could never quite replicate it back in England - started to look like baked beans in a tomato sauce!
And for tonight Mathew we are having liver and bacon, about to pop it into slow cooker, just back from dog walk and it is efffin freezing, about to destroy a full english to warm up
Good quality butchers sausage rich onion gravy,creamy mash with cheese and lots of pureed roast garlic and marrowfat peas.
Large bowl of Panaculty.....HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


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Whilst it is French - Tartiflette.

Potatoes, Bacon, Cheese and Onions, dash of kirsch & garlic, season generously - joy. Add at least one bottle of a warming red wine and Robert is your Father's brother.
Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. I'm moving so all my pots and pans are in boxes, I don't even have a fridge anymore. Time to call in a few favours I think and go to someone else's house for comfort food!
jarrod248 said:
Seeing as I forgot to defrost anything i'm having pizza :-(
And you said that Pizzas were for fat cnuts when you sent me those half price vouchers and told me to crack on


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Good quality mince with onions and carrots. Smashed tatties (not mashed, just smashed), some mashed turnip with a bit of tatties mashed in with it, and small spicy dumplings bubbling up on top of the mince.

Give us a fork and a moments peace, and I wouldnt call the Pope me uncle.

I do like escaping from the Island, but I swear to God, I like getting back.
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