Comfort Boxes.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Awol, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm following on from the link given here, and this has probably been covered a couple of years ago, but I couldn't find any obvious trace of it, so please bear with me...

    In his article on the above thread Max Hastings mentions sending a 'comfort box' via the BFPO system to the blokes in the sandy place. Very easy if you have a relative or a mate out there, but not if you just want to help generally ( gives some pointers, but says charity boxes can't be sent to the blokes generally, they have to be sent to a specific individual), so it got me to thinking with my charitable cap on, what would be the mileage in organising something more in the public eye? Something that involved a big organisation possibly putting their name to it and even helping out with the logistics of collecting the magazines and sweeties. Presumably BFPO would deal with the overseas bit.

    The advantages are obvious; the blokes get lots of free goodies and their sterling work gets more recognition by Joseph Public than the occasional looking up from his microwave meal when another squaddie sadly pulls off the Iraqi highway in the worst possible place, which to be honest, is the only time Telic hits the news anymore. Given the number of Arssers in al manner of positions in both the Army system and CivDiv it seems we are uniquely placed to put something together like this and at the end of the day, what harm can it do? Regardless of one's view of the Iraq war, everyone seems to have sympathy for the blokes out there and it would be a foolish and heartless public figure/company/corporation who refused to support the idea.

    I've put this in the Naafi because I know this is where the majority of you perverts gather and I wanted the maximum possible feedback, but obviously if it is better placed somewhere else feel free to move it. Equally, if the idea is pants, don't hold your fire.

    As if you would. :D
  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    I don't think it's pants, but you need to explain yourself more, are you sort of thinking of a one off, a montly trawl to send, one per tour or what, explain your plan more.
  3. Okay....Something in every high street, where you can drop off new and used (not sticky please) lads mags etc (not porn, just blokey), books, dvds, cds, anything etc. A possible link up with an existing charity who would have a high street presence. That sort of thing.
  4. what about a charity shop such as Oxfam as a drop off point?
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm a member of a (sad,I know) scale model society (ARC Forums) and the US forces regulary recieve hobby kits,ect from home,sent to a drop mailbox from home,donated by members of the site or the public.
    Good idea.....
  6. They'd probably see it as in conflict (excuse the pun) with their ethos.
  7. True dozybint, although a large supermarket chain may be happy to donate a corner?, who knows, they may even donate a few goodies as well?
  8. Yeah, they would.....

    I think if it got more in the public eye perhaps like more in the national media (hopefully some journos watching this) perhaps get something like Operation Christmas child going with people sending in shoe boxs full of goodies.
  9. Red Cross Shops?
  10. No charities would proberly do it as its un-PC and it would accept ethnic minorties.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What about the obvious choice....The British Legion!
  12. what about the RBL on the charity side and Tescos as they a supplier of the German NAAFI's ?
  13. All we can do is ask, but I'm not sure that the Red Cross would be keen either. The legitimacy of the Red Cross / Crescent / Crystal is secured by their neutrality, so I don't think they'd been keen to be seen to be supporting soldiers. I know that they have a role with POWs, but not soldiers on active service.
  14. Yep, you're right Dozy.

    However, there must be someone with access to the higher echelons of a big name company with high street outlets. The publicity for them would be priceless.