Comfey Box for Telic !!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_kit_man, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. I am off on my fist tour shortly and want to know what to put in my comfy box, those who have been recently can you help with what is really needed? I have been told toiletries as they are very expensive out there, any other ideas most gratefully received.

  2. A small stereo.


    A Pillow.


    a small duvet (its below 5oC at night)


    A portable dvd player if you have one

    A sense of humour

    Toiletries aren't that bad out there but bring a supply of your own brand.

    A set of civilian clothes as you never know if an opportunity to go to Kuwait wil come along.


  3. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    If you're based somewhere large, like BAS or SLB then don't bother with toiletries.. They are no more expensive than here.

    As mentioned though, books / duvet etc... anything that'll save you a bit of weight / space in your bag is a good idea. Don't count on getting your MFO box for the first month, so don't pack anything essential!
  4. Thanks guys, My envelope arrived this morning and am off to Chillwell on the 6th of Feb.
  5. and if youre doing a short tour (3-4 months) dont bother sending one either.
    theres a very good chance that the troops you are taking over from will either give you or sell you the type of stuff youve packed in your box anyway.
  6. Amen to that about items like duvets and pillows safe space by either getting them out in theatre by means of donations or buying them from the EFI when you get out there. Believe it or not even the EFI at Abu Naji which is the size of a shoe box does stock duvets and the like as well as duvet covers and pillow cases. Boredom saving items such as a laptop or a portable dvd player are a must.
  7. Do you really want to be putting things like laptops and DVD players into an MFO box? I can see a box of shiny bits at the other end...
    Or is it impossible to take them into theatre otherwise?
  8. Forget it completly, as it wont get there until your two or three months into the tour and then you will have to send it back about 6 weeks before you leave. Quilts etc can all be aquired in theatre as hand-ons or at the efi, and most locations have well stocked libraries, especially at various camps around shaiba. Take an mp3 player and personal dvd that can fit in your daysack and jobs a goodun
  9. As you have stated it is your fist tour may i suggest a tube of something lubricating???
  10. Extension lead and four-way adapter. There's never enough plugs and the ones you have are always in a stupid place like under a bed or behind a locker.
  11. Sorry should of been a little more concise. as stated by drain sniffer your personal dvd player/laptop should be about your person. The last thing you want is for you to open your comfy box and find a box of smashed componants
  12. don't forget to bring Cds/Dvds for said items in a wee cd folder. Even if you buy a small one that holds about 10, it's amazing how many you can fit in there. You can have a multi-coloured swap shop when you are out there aswell with others who have any (if you can trust them to give it back. Ive had a few exercise losses!)
  13. You can also buy a heap load out in theatre through the likes of the various DVD men plying there trade around SLB, the APOD and CAN. so don't fear about finding things to watch, also the Battle Group that I was with had a huge DVD collection courtesy of the legion and other friendly organisations.
  14. SOCKS!!!!
    Green Combats as spairs
    Wash kit.

    Etc etc. The list is endless put what "you" will miss in your comfy box. To be honest mate if your going as an Inf soldier you wont have too much time for films although them little DVD's are handy. Concentrate on kit you need for your personal admin then worry about little bits of home!
  15. Extra vests
    Artic socks
    Bonfire kit
    Wooly Hat
    Ball of string
    Lead weight