Not allowed to post in current affairs, so can't join in the comet thread. Presumably because I'm on ROP's and I'd only crayon in there too.

About this comet then. Bright as a full moon apparently, should be fucking stunning. A bit like that one on the Bayeux tapperstry, making people duck as it whistles by. It's due in November. There's going to be one visible in the northern hemisphere March tenth, so be looking up :)
What a bird, they should have made them into something.

CF-CUN turned into a bridge
F-BGSC turned into a culvert
LV-AHP turned into a hill
LV-AHR turned into a forest
SA-R-7 turned into a mountain
SU-ALE turned into a fence

So it seems that they were turned into lots of things.


Book Reviewer
Do you mean Ison?

It wont whistle by, it will be in the sky for many days if not weeks, its not a meteor. It cannot be brighter than the moon unless it is closer than the moon (which it wont be) or is bigger than the moon ( which it isnt) but nonetheless, it might be a great sight as per Kahoutek some years ago.


Book Reviewer
They have, anything from Coke cans to Dog food cans by now!

Bugger beaten to it!
Yeah, but apart from a bit of metal fatigue they are beautiful.
They were rushed out without sufficient testing to try and beat the yanks to have a commercial jet, it didn't work.
It must be awful to have someone crayon in your thread.

Comets - Comets Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a little ball creeping by. If so, did you wonder what it was. That little ball is called a comet. Comets are small, fragile, and irregularly shaped. Most are composed of frozen gas. However, some are composed of frozen gas and non-volatile grains. They usually follow very strict paths around the sun. Comets become most visible when they cross the sun. This also applies to people who view comets with telescopes. When a comet gets near the sun it becomes very visible because the sun's radiation starts to sublime its volatile gases, which, in turn, blow away small bits of the little solid material the comet has.... [tags: Astronomy Essays Space Outer] 1881 words
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Comets - COMETS Comets have been witnessed ever since man has been speculating about objects in the nighttime sky and appear in records from the beginning of recorded civilization (Schweighauser 20). Comets are made up of four distinct features. The first is the nucleus. The nucleus is made up of frozen gases, mostly water vapor with lesser amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and imbedded in the frozen gases are interplanetary dust and tiny fragments of stony and metallic meteoric material.... [tags: essays research papers] 452 words
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Comets - Comets What is Cometography. Cometography is a four-volume project I have been working on since the mid-1970s. Jump-started by comet Kohoutek of 1973-1974, I began researching comets and immediately found myself becoming more and more intrigued by them. It was fascinating to read about comets that unexpectedly split, brightened, or faded. There were also interesting stories concerning the discovery circumstances of some comets, as well as tales about how comets affected cultures. As I continued reading I found that, back in 1967, the International Astronomical Union suggested that an up-to-date descriptive catalog of comets or "cometography" was needed.... [tags: Essays Papers] 884 words
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Comets - Naked Eye Appearance: Seeing a comet with the naked eye is a somewhat rare occurrance. On the average we get a naked-eye comet once every five or six years and this includes comets that become barely visible to the naked eye. Classic comets with long tails only appear about once every 10-12 years. The motion is very difficult to detect and comparing its place with naked-eye stars over several days is the only way to see it move. In general, comets are best observed with telescopes or binoculars.... [tags: essays research papers] 1052 words
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Comets - The first written records of comets date back to nearly 3,000 years ago from China and Europe. The accounts of these comets were believed to be the causes of terrible events that occurred afterwards. In more recent times, however, astronomers have found out what they really are. A comet is basically a mixture of ices, from both water and frozen gases, and dust. They have also been given the names “dirty snowballs” or “icy mud balls.” The typical comet is less than 10 kilometers across. They spend most of their time frozen solid in the outer parts of our solar system.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 2 Sources Cited 2350 words
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The Age Of Comets - The article summarized below is from THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (issue Dec.97) by William R. Newcott. It tells about how comets are important and their effect on earth and its people.Comets are leftover scrubs of material that did not make it to planethood in the events creating our solar system. They orbit in a perpetual Deepfreeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance. The Great Falls begins. First a snowball drifts towards the sun and steadily accelerates. As solar radiation heats the comets the ice within sublimates, escaping as gas from vents from the surface.... [tags: essays research papers] 387 words
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essay - Halley’sComet Comets have amazed, interested, and driven scientists to study them often. Comets like the Hale-Bopp have been seen by millions of people. Since the discovery of comets, scientists, astrologers, or and even your next door neighbor have been interested in discovering or studying comets. Like Halley’s Comet which has had a real impact on the history of comets. Halley’s comet put on bright shows for the planet Earth ever since 204 BC, maybe even 1059 BC. Its most famous appearance was in 1066 AD, right before the battle of Hastings.... [tags: essays research papers] 378 words
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the earths wind - Extras Meteors A brilliant meteor, called a fireball, may weigh many kilograms, but even a meteor weighing less than a gram can produce a beautiful trail. Some of these visitors from space are large enough to survive (at least partially) their trip through the atmosphere and impact the ground as meteorites. Fireballs are sometimes followed by trails of light that persist for up to 30 minutes; some, called bolides, explode with a loud thunderous sound. Meteoroids The term meteor comes from the Greek meteoron, meaning phenomenon in the sky.... [tags: essays research papers] 484 words
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Solar System - Solar System Humans live on a small planet in a tiny part of a vast universe. This part of the universe is called the solar system, and is dominated by a single brilliant star-the sun. The solar system is the earth’s neighbourhood and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the Earth’s neighbours. They all have the same stars in the sky and orbit the same sun. Scientists believe the solar system began about 5 billion years ago, perhaps when a nearby star exploded and caused a large cloud of dust and gas to collapse in on itself.... [tags: Science Astrology Planets Essays] 1581 words
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light pollution - Light pollution happened slowly at first which was several decades ago it was a process that was hardly noticeable. A light here, a light there, burning way into the dark nighttime realm, helping us see in the darkness when people all their our beds fast asleep. The process still continues today, with little thought ever given to what we are stealing away. Our intentions are good but our methods need adjustment, and they needs to be done immediately. In fact, our methods should have been changed years ago, but nearly everyone has resisted, perhaps due to a profound lack of awareness.... [tags: essays research papers] 3090 words
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asteroid defense - The U.S. federal government is summoning the world's top scientists to an urgent conference this summer to plan defenses against an attack that could wipe out an American city or disrupt the whole country's infrastructure. No, it's not global terrorism. The scientists will map ways to combat an asteroid attack, a cosmic sucker punch like the collision that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and flattened a Siberian forest in 1908. While the world's attention is focused on the real threat of terrorism, the theoretical asteroid menace has been garnering a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes attention.... [tags: essays research papers] 403 words
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The Origin of Life - The origin of Life There are many theories where life came from, but none of them is proven to be the right one. The obvious theory that life originated on earth is not accepted by everyone. One reason of disbelief in this theory that life originated on earth is a lack of time. It was an early belief that life originated through a slow and long process (many scientists do not share this belief though), probably too short and too long for the time life had on our planet. Life must have been formed within a period of approximately 200 million years.... [tags: ] 1608 words
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Astronomy - One thing us as humans have never been able to fully understand is astronomy. Always having an unexplained mystery, astronomy also has served as a way to keep time and predict the future. The word “astronomy” is defined as the study of heavenly bodies, meaning anything in the sky such as stars, galaxies, comets, planets, nebulae, and so on. Many people, if not everyone, is amazed by the night sky on a clear, moonless night. Astronomy dates back to ancient times when peoples such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Chinese kept written records of astronomical events and occurrences.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
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Shoemaker - Levy 9 - Shoemaker - Levy 9 Over 200 million Megatons of dynamite collide with Jupiter. In July 1994 Shoemaker - Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. What is Shoemaker - Levy 9, and how was it discovered. What is Jupiter, and why did Shoemaker - Levy 9 collide with it. Can an event like this happen to Earth. I will answer these questions in this report. But let me start by telling you what Shoemaker - Levy 9 is. Shoemaker - Levy 9 is a comet, a small irregular mass made up of rocks and frozen gasses. Comets follow large orbits from around the Sun to the outer corners of our solar system.... [tags: essays research papers] 1236 words
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Immanuel Velikovsky - Correspondence Before the Day Breaks, When I first ran across any of Velikovsky's ideas it was in this online book Before the Day Breaks. In this book Velikovsky writes about his correspondence and conversations with Albert Einstein. I read some of this book before ever reading anything else of Velikovsky, or having any idea of what was proposed in his book Worlds in Collision. Before the Day Breaks is a very well written book, where Velikovsky's main argument is that gravity and inertia are not the only forces acting on the solar system.... [tags: biographies bio] 1211 words
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Gulliver's Travels - Satire - Gulliver's Travels - Satire Gulliver's Travels was written during an era of change known as the Reformation Period. The way this book is written suggests some of the political themes from that time period, including the well-known satire. These themes are displayed throughout Gulliver's Travels, and even sometimes reflect upon today's society. Many things in the book Gulliver's Travels prove that it was set in the Restoration Period. Some of the ways you can tell this are: the clothing, the speech, the governments, and of course, the lack of technology.... [tags: Gulliver's Travels Essays] 703 words
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Cover Bands - Is the cover a good thing or a bad thing. Are there any cover songs that you have heard and have grown to like more than the original. Perhaps there are songs that you have heard and have later come to the realization that it is indeed a cover song. This is the case for me. However, my feelings on cover songs vary depending on the particular instance. I think the cover is a good thing now days. There are many new songs that I have heard and have later realized that it is a cover song. I probably would have never heard the original song if it wasn’t covered.... [tags: essays research papers] 631 words
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The Ulysses Mission - ... By 2007 it pass threw another comet and recorded results from the encounter. Its mission was extended to allow for a third and final approved to the Polar Regions. The last orbit happened in 2008 and by 2009 all communication ended with the probe. The spacecraft was launched from Discovery and it proceeded to Jupiter under power from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas rockets. The main body of the space craft was almost a cubic meter in size and was powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator.... [tags: Space Exploration ]
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Dimensional Argument Against the Snowball Earth Hypothesis - A most recent inquiry into climatic change during the ice age and it's possibility of reoccurring is the Snowball Earth Hypothesis advanced by Paul Hoffman of Harvard University. Snowball Earth Suggest that before the Ice age, continents ice free at the poles enhanced the reabsorption of carbon dioxide through erosion of silicate minerals, reducing the greenhouse effect making the earth colder until it reached a runaway point. This effect is Hoffman calls albedo, when the atmosphere becomes so cold it can never warm up again.... [tags: essays research papers]
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Galileo Galilei - Galileo Galilei Galileo was probably the greatest astronomer, mathematician and scientist of his time. In fact his work has been very important in many scientific advances even to this day. Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15th, 1564. His father, Vincenzo was a music teacher and musician. After his family moved to Florence, Galilei was sent to a monastery to be educated. He was so happy there that he decided to become a monk, but his father wanted him to be a medical doctor and brought him home to Florence.... [tags: essays research papers] 750 words
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The Origin and Structure of our Universe - The Origin and Structure of our Universe I suppose that the Universe we can observe and cognize consists of self-developing hierarchically co-subordinate and genetically relative systems of cosmic bodies. Each of the systems is distinguished by the qualitative state of substance composing its bodies but main evolution mechanisms are common to all the systems. What is common to all the systems. The central most massive body of every system is a parental body for its younger members. The central massive body of every system at intervals conceives in its interiors new cosmic bodies to put them into initial (circum-parental) orbits.... [tags: Physics Universe Space Science Essays] 3944 words
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You Can Escape a Black Hole: Surprising Informative Essay - ... There are comets that approach earth but then drifts away from earth’s atmosphere. “However, on must realize that geodesics are paths of freely falling objects only”(Biswas 1) Thus the only object that has a chance to escape a black hole is one that has engine powered turbines, such as a space ship. An unpowered space ship that enters a black hole will surely fall into the center of the black hole passing through the event horizon, also known as “the point of no return” (University of Illinois).... [tags: Astronomy ]
:: 4 Works Cited 973 words
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astronomy - Stars, comets, planets, they are all visible when you look up past our atmosphere. What if I told you that there were objects up there that you could not see, but had more gravity than an object 500 time larger than our sun. Objects, that are capable of swallowing whole planets within a split second of time. An object that would steal light right out of thin-air. These objects are more powerful than anything man made. Black holes are the most popular unknown object in science. A black hole is an area of space that has so much mass crammed in it that there is no way for an object to escape its gravitational pull.... [tags: essays research papers] 467 words
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Media in the Seventies - Media in the Seventies Media has forever changed the way people live today and it changed lives in the seventies. In the seventies the media was important because they were able to show what happened in Vietnam and the people that wanted to forget the war could listen to music to get away. In the seventies there also was a lot of new shows that became popular along with big bands. One of the first major bands to appear in the seventies was named Chicago. There first album was in sixty-nine, but they never really got noticed until there second album called Chicago.... [tags: American America History] 594 words
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Joseph-Louis Lagrange - Joseph-Louis Lagrange Joseph-Louis Lagrange was born on January 25, 1736 in Turin, Sardinia-Piedmont (which is now known as Italy). He studied at the College of Turin where his favorite subject was classic Latin. After reading Halley’s 1693 work on the use of algebra in optics Lagrange became very interested in mathematics and astronomy. Unfortunately for Lagrange he did not have the benefit of studying with the leading mathematicians, so he became self-motivated and was self-taught. Then in 1754 he got the opportunity to publish his first mathematical work, which was an analogy between the binomial theorem and the successive derivatives of the product functions.... [tags: essays research papers] 602 words
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The SOHO Project - The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or SOHO for short is a cooperative joint effort by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The main mission of this project is to study the internal structure of the Sun, its extensive upper atmosphere, as well as to determine the origin and characteristics of the solar wind. The SOHO spacecraft was launched on December 2, 1995 where then it was directed to go about 930,000 miles sunward from the Earth to the L1 or the Lagrangian point.... [tags: essays research papers] 681 words
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Contributions to Science of Sir Isaac Newton - Contributions to Science of Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, England. Newton is clearly the most influential scientist who ever lived. His accomplishments in mathematics, optics, and physics laid the foundations for modern science and revolutionized the world. Newton studied at Cambridge and was professor there from 1669 to 1701, succeeding his teacher Isaac Barrow as Lucasian professor of mathematics. His most important discoveries were made during the two-year period from 1664 to 1666, when the university was closed and he retired to his hometown of Woolsthorpe.... [tags: Papers] 493 words
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Essay on Teens - Popular Music's Impact on Youth - Popular Music's Impact on Youth Popular music and its artists have an enormous impact on our culture's youth from generation to generation. In almost any generation within the past fifty years, the behavior and beliefs of the majority of pre-teens and teens can be closely correlated with those of the popular music artist's of that time. Which music was "the popular music" changed drastically several times between the 1950s and the present, along with the attitudes of that generation's young adults.... [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]
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Marriage Relationships in Julius Caesar - Marriage Relationships in Julius Caesar The relationship between Brutus and Portia is of a loving one. Portia speaks to Brutus gently calling him, 'my dear lord' and `gentle' this actually shows that Portia respects and honors Brutus. Brutus also replies her gently and expresses his love for her in the lines `render me worthy of this noble wife' and `as dear to me as are the ruddy drops/that visits my sad heart'. In these lines, Brutus says that Portia is as dear to him as the blood in his heart.... [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]
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To Kill a Mocking Bird - The Contribuition of the Character of Scout - To Kill a Mocking Bird - The Contribuition of the Character of Scout In the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee there are a number of characters in the book. All of them play a very detailed role in the plot of the book, and without them it would not be anything. They story consists of two main plots. The first one is being part of a family which involves a lawyer. Then the second is the mysteries of the Radley house. The Radley house is a home near the Finch's, which is composed of many rumors, mysteries, and people.... [tags: Kill Mockingbird essays] 1363 words
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Autism And Savant Syndrome - Autism And Savant Syndrome A little boy quietly sits in front of a piano, with his fingers poised over the bright white keys. His teacher, seated beside him on the bench, plays a complicated series of chords, filling the air with a beautiful melody. After a single hearing, the boy begins to play, perfectly reproducing the song he has just heard. As the last notes fade away, the boy sits still for a moment and then begins to rock gently back and forth, only stopping once the music begins again....... [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]
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Texas City Disaster: a Painful Way to Learn - Texas City Disaster: a Painful Way to Learn In the bright, clear, spring morning of April 16, 1947, an event occurred in the Texas City Harbor in Texas City. To the survivors of this disaster, what happened on that Sunday morning was like the end of the world. Sadly, to those who did not make it, this indeed became the end of their world. This event that brings unforgettable painful memories from 50 years ago is referred to as the Texas City disaster. It all began with the French cargo ship, S.S.... [tags: Hazardous Materials Danger History Papers] 2287 words
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Playing Roller Hockey - Playing Roller Hockey Throughout my lifetime, many different goals have been set and achieved, but the most significant goal I accomplished was making the Foothill Grizzlies hockey team. Playing hockey, by far, is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am playing for fun in a pickup game or against a top team in the state, hockey is what I love to do. The Foothill Grizzlies were a roller hockey team that was formed when I was about the age of 13. I had heard many good things about the team, which at the time was one of the most respected teams in the state of California.... [tags: Personal Narrative Sports Athletics Essays] 860 words
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It's Time to Terraform Mars - It's Time to Terraform Mars "Earth is Heaven. Venus is Hell. Mars is neither, yet." K.G.M. Paterson Introduction Our solar system began to form 4.6 billion years ago from a swirling mass cloud. Give or take a couple of million years, the gas cooled and joined to form large bodies called “protoplanets,” which later became the planets we know today. Whatever was left after the planets formed became comets or asteroids, strewn about all over the solar system. After 100 million years, the enormous ball of gas at the center of this swirling mass cloud overheated and exploded in a huge nuclear reaction.... [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]
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MARK TWAIN - MARK TWAIN Mark Twain also known as Samuel Clemens. He was born in Florida, Missouri on Nov 30,1835, the sixth child of John and Jane Clemens. Several years later, in 1839, the family moved to nearby Hannibal, where Clemens spent his boyhood years. Clemens boyhood dream was to become a steamboatman on the river. Clemens' newspaper career began while still a boy in Hannibal. In 1848, a year after his father death, he was apprentice to printer Joseph Ament, who published the Missouri Courier. Did tragedy make Samuel Clemens (Cox Clinton).... [tags: essays papers] 831 words
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Extraterrestrials - Extraterrestrials Can the Earth be the only place in the Universe that harbors life. Most astronomers don't believe this is true. Certain statistics in the Universe provide evidence that living beings may be common place through out the universe, on planets of other stars besides the sun. In this paper I plan to discuss the various viewpoints of those that believe that extraterrestrials exist and have even been visiting Earth, and the viewpoints of skpetics that believe that aliens don't exist and have not been visiting Earth.... [tags: Aliens Science Essays] 2516 words
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Native American Astronomy - Native American Astronomy For many years astronomers and people alike have constantly heard about the observations and records of the Chinese and Europeans. No other culture can provide as much information as that gathered by the Chinese and Europeans, but there are many other cultures that observed and recorded the night sky, one of those being the Native Americans. During the last fifteen to twenty years archaeoastronomers have uncovered much concerning the beliefs and records of Native Americans.... [tags: Astronomy Seasons Astronomers Essays] 1196 words
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ASTEROIDS - Asteroids Sixty-Five million years ago, 70 percent of life on Earth died. The most reasonable and possible reason this happened was an asteroid. An asteroid hit the Earth very hard, and in doing this, dirt and dust from the impact stayed in the air and it blocked out sunlight, that’s why the dinosaurs died. An asteroid is a rock from outer space. Asteroids have orbited the Sun along with the planets since the solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago, but it’s only been 200 years since we first discovered them.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 1 Sources Cited 792 words
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Aristotle - Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) Mine is the first step and therefore a small one, though worked out with much thought and hard labor. You, my readers or hearers of my lectures, if you think I have done as much as can fairly be expected of an initial start. . . will acknowledge what I have achieved and will pardon what I have left for others to accomplish. Aristotle was born in Stagira in north Greece, the son of Nichomachus, the court physician to the Macedonian royal family. He was trained first in medicine, and then in 367 he was sent to Athens to study philosophy with Plato.... [tags: essays research papers] 1230 words
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Beta Pictoris: Planets? Life? Or What? - BETA PICTORIS: PLANETS. LIFE. OR WHAT. JARA ASTRONOMY 102 SEC 013 The ultimate question is; Is there a possibility that life might exist on a planet in the Beta Pictoris system. First, one must ask, Are there planets in the Beta Pictoris system?. However, that question would be impossible to answer if one did not answer the most basic questions first; Where do planets come from. and do the key elements and situations, needed to form planets, exist in the Beta Pictoris system?. To understand where planets come from, one has to first look at where the planets in our solar system came from.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 3 Sources Cited 1628 words
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Carbon - CARBON Carbon, an element discovered before history itself, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. It can be found in the sun, the stars, comets, and the atmospheres of most planets. There are close to ten million known carbon compounds, many thousands of which are vital to the basis of life itself (WWW 1). Carbon occurs in many forms in nature. One of its purest forms is diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance known on earth. Although diamonds found in nature are colorless and transparent, when combined with other elements its color can range from pastels to black.... [tags: essays research papers] 1064 words
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Carbon Monoxide - Imagine a killer perfect enough to travel through the corridors of your home completely undetectable to the eye of its prey. It can’t be heard, can’t be smelled, and before you or anyone in your household realizes that something is wrong, it could already be too late. Over ten thousand people fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning and over one thousand five hundred die per year of this gas so deadly, it is referred to as the “silent killer”(“What Is Carbon Monoxide?”). Carbon monoxide, or CO for short, is a flammable, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is produced during incomplete combustion of fuel and it’s ability to do harm resides within the lack of knowledge and understanding of this gas by society.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 3 Sources Cited 1503 words
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Crab Nebula - Crab Nebula Looking up at the night sky you see stars lying on a never-ending dark blanket. It is within this “blanket”, called the interstellar medium, that new stars are formed. The interstellar medium consists of 99% gas and about 1% dust particles. Hydrogen is the predominant gas in both atomic and molecular forms. While being the place where stars are born, the interstellar medium also creates beautiful nebulae. A reflection nebula is created when light from a nearby star reflects from the dust particles in the interstellar medium.... [tags: essays research papers] 1183 words
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Defense Measures - Defense Measures A mission to smash into a space rock to deflect it and study its structure has been given priority over five other potential asteroid projects by the European Space Agency. The slam-bang 'Don Quijote' mission would help scientists figure out how to deflect or destroy any asteroid in the future that might be found to be on a collision course with Earth. The project uses the Spanish spelling of Don Quixote, the protagonist in Cervantes' novel who has chivalrous ideas that tend toward the impractical.... [tags: essays research papers] 1400 words
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Does Competition Bring Out The Best In Us? - COMPETITION BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN US The score was 14-15. My team was losing the sectional championship game by just one point. Now we had to give our all to win, or we would be regretting the loss for years to come. In order to win, we had to get along with everyone on, and off, the volleyball court. We had to believe in ourselves, but most of all, we had to use all of the competitive skills that we had learned throughout our lives from parents, coaches, and our own experiences. Each second, the game became more and more intense.... [tags: essays research papers] 1357 words
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geology - The energy released from earthquakes and forces that move crustal plates are derived from the internal heat engine. Liquid water can exist on earth because the orbit is at the proper distance from the sun. The ozone layer is important to life on earth because it shields living things from uv rays. Constant change and state of flux on earth is caused by slow moving convection currents in the mantle. The internal heat of earth is a result of heat from radioactive decay of certain elements. The main cause of over-use of minerals is expanding populations.... [tags: essays research papers] 1035 words
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musical genres - Music. Fascinating both by it’s diverse individual styles and the inevitable fusion of different genres which in turn have created other completely new and unique styles of music. Classical music is a perfect example. The earliest forms of classical music were composed in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and displayed a very complicated and sophisticated form of writing incorporating a wide range of instruments and used the principle of multi instrumentation which achieved a very full symphonic sound which in turn led to the creation of specially designed halls to facilitate the sound.... [tags: essays research papers] 1951 words
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Nasa Mars Missions - “The United States is justified in spending billions of dollars on NASA space missions to Mars.” Throughout the course of history, man has dreamed of stepping foot on another planet. The advances in technology in the 20th century have allowed man to do what at one time was considered unthinkable for millenniums before. With the advent of the modern space program in the early 1950’s, NASA has performed many inconceivable feats. They have sent and returned men to space. They’ve set up space stations orbiting the earth.... [tags: essays research papers] 1475 words
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Physics - THE BEGINNING OF ASTRONOMY Early races believed that the earth was flat and stationary, with the sky rotating round it once a day. The early races also believed things that sound weird to us today like the Vedic priests of India believed that the earth was supported upon 12 massive pillars and during the hours of darkness the sun travelled between these pillars without hitting them. The Hindu theory sounds even more peculiar as they believed that earth stood on the back of four elephants, which in turn the elephants stood on the shell of a gigantic tortoise, the tortoise however was supported upon a serpent floating in a limitless sea.... [tags: essays research papers] 1236 words
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Pluto: A Planet? - Pluto: A Planet. Many issues have arisen from the debate whether or not Pluto is a planet. Some astronomers say that Pluto should be classified as a “minor planet” due to its size, physical characteristics, and other factors. On the other hand, some astronomers defend Pluto’s planet status, citing several key features. Indeed, most of the problem is that there is no formal definition of a planet. Furthermore, it is very difficult to invent one that would allow the solar system to contain all nine planets.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 4 Sources Cited 1670 words
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The Hale Bopp Comet - The Hale Bopp Comet As I am sure all of you know, we have recently been able to see a new but not permanent additon to the night sky. This addition is known as Hale-Bopp, a comet that is about 122 million miles (about 1.3 times the distance of the sun to the earth) from the earth and is approximately 25 miles wide. Hale-Bopp was discovered on July 23,1995 by two scientists named Alan Hale in New Mexico and Thomas Bopp in Arizona. This is the first discovery for both of them, although Alan Hale is one of the top visual comet observers in the world, having seen about 200 comet apparitions.... [tags: essays research papers] 789 words
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TheTechnological Advances in Space Exploration - (2) Space exploration is our human response to curiosity about the earth, the moon, the planets, the sun and other stars, and the galaxies. Manned and unmanned space vehicles venture far beyond the boundaries of the earth to collect valuable information about the universe. Human beings have visited the moon and have lived in space stations for long periods. Space exploration helps us see the earth in its true relation with the rest of the universe. Such exploration could reveal how the sun, the planets, and the stars were formed and whether life exists beyond our own world.... [tags: essays research papers] 2700 words
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They got next - They Got Next On April 24, 1996, women’s basketball announced “We Got Next” as the NBA Board of Governors approved the concept of a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to begin in June 1997. Since that day in 1996 there have been many firsts for the WNBA: Val Ackerman -- the first president of the WNBA; Sheryl Swoopes -- the first player signed to the WNBA; Cynthia Cooper -- the league’s first Most Valuable Player; the Houston Comets -- the first WNBA Champions; Lisa Leslie -- the first WNBA player to capture all three MVP awards (regular season, All-Star and Championship) in one season.... [tags: essays research papers] 1138 words
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Thomas Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Albermarle County, Virginia. He was born in a simple four-room house in Shadwell, Virginia, what is now Monticello. His father, Peter Jefferson, was a planter who was a bright, brave, and strong man. His mother was a very gentle lady. She was boring under one of the most distinguished families in the area. His family had prospered since the first Jefferson arrived in America from Whales in 1612. Soon after Jefferson’s birth, the French and British began fighting their third war in a half of century over North America’s territory.... [tags: essays research papers] 1002 words
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Tsunami disaster, implication on economy - TSUNAMI DISASTER, WHAT IMPLICATION ON ECONOMIC SYSTEM IN THIS REGION. We view with awe a release of power on this scale. We know that this power is greater than that of our species — nature holds us in its hands. We may be able to mitigate some of the consequences; in some cases we may be able to give advance warning of the threat; but we are not in control; the tsunami has demonstrated this ancient truth. William Rees-Mogg INTRODUCTION 1. On the morning of December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake struck off the Northwest coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.... [tags: essays research papers fc]
:: 5 Sources Cited 4254 words
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A Universe of Mathematical Laws - A Universe of Mathematical Laws Galileo instigated one of the most important scientific changes in history. He developed many new ideas and ways of gathering information which he used to hypothesize new theories. He used his ability to persuade and changed the way science was thought of forever. He developed a new instrument called the telescope and discovered a wide variety of new information about the universe. This information would eventually influence scientists, theologians, and basically all people.... [tags: Essays Papers] 880 words
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Sir Isaac Newton - Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton was a profound mathematician and physicist, one of the primary scientificintellects of all time. For almost 300 years, Newton has been known as the leader in scientific achievements of modern physical science as well as mathematical research. Dedicated to learning and experimenting, Newton also plunged into chemistry, early history of Western Civilization and theology, and a concentration of special studies in forms and dimensions, which also included Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.... [tags: Essays Papers]
:: 3 Sources Cited 991 words
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Quality of Light Affects Quality of Life - Quality of Light Affects Quality of Life Light pollution affects the lives of people around the world. It comes in a variety of forms and can be a nuisance, wasteful, and harmful. It may be a street light shining in a window, a high energy bill, or the absence of stars in the sky. Light pollution is a growing problem as human populations continue to thrive, land is increasingly developed, and Earth’s precious resources are consumed. In order to reduce current levels of light pollution and to keep the problem from escalating out of control, action must take place.... [tags: Essays Papers]
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The Electromagnetic Spectrum - The Electromagnetic Spectrum The electromagnetic spectrum is the collective name for all types of radiation. Radiation is energy that travels around in waves. The electromagnetic spectrum goes from the waves with the lowest energy to those with the highest energy. Radio Waves [IMAGE] Radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. They can be from as long as a football to as long as a football pitches. Radio waves carry signals from devices from one place to another invisibly through the air.... [tags: Papers] 1899 words
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The Effectiveness of the Techniques Used by the Film Makers in the Creation of the Trailers for the films Armageddon and Deep Impact - The Effectiveness of the Techniques Used by the Film Makers in the Creation of the Trailers for the films Armageddon and Deep Impact This is essay is about the deference in two movie trailers which are 'Deep Impact' and 'Armageddon' these are both science fiction/action films I will also be looking into the different types of sounds and music used and how this reflects the image. Both trailers are quite long but 'Deep Impact' is the shortest lasting around 30 - 45 seconds, the trailer gives away a lot of the plot.... [tags: Papers] 670 words
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Airplane Crashes - Airplane Crashes There are many airplane accidents a year. On an average, 70 –80% are human error. Though there are many other factors, such as design factors, management, and weather factors, human error is the largest. Each one of these factors played a certain role in the three articles of accidents. The BOAC Comet, the PSA crashes in San Diego, and the Air Florida crash in Washington D.C., were analyzed differently, taking into consideration each possible factor. Within the follow, each accident will be discussed.... [tags: Papers] 664 words
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Culture and Music - Culture and Music George Gershwin once said, “True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans and my time is today.” Over the years, no form of art has attached itself to humanity more than music. Music has been creating and destroying cultures in the Twentieth Century at a very rapid rate. Fads come and go, but true music and the heart behind it never dies. The story of subcultures in and through modern music has to start in the 1920’s America.... [tags: Papers] 914 words
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The Importance of Water Quality on Earth to Life - The Importance of Water Quality on Earth to Life Water, H2O (-* H+ +OH- hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion. These ions participate in many important biochemical reactions. Ann Christensen,Arizona Biology Network). The most basic and most needed building block of life. It is also one of the most important, because there is no way we can live without it. If tomorrow all the fossil fuel in the world ran out, we could go any number of ways, but if the water all the water ran out tomorrow. We would be in a whole lot of trouble.... [tags: Papers] 644 words
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Life on Mars - Life on Mars I was at home minding my own business when all of a sudden and my bag got sucked back in time. I don't know or I can't explain really what occurred, but I found my self at the beginning of time itself. So I decided to make down my own thoughts and what I saw. Here is my journal entry. Date: No sure when (around 4.5 billion years ago) Time: Don't ask. There were volcanoes everywhere, there was lava pouring out from the earth in large quantities. Ash was flying around my very own head landing in my hair.... [tags: Papers] 540 words
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The Physics of Fireworks - The Physics of Fireworks "What are fireworks like?" she had asked. "They are like the Aurora Borealis" said the King, "only much more natural. I prefer them to stars myself, as you always know when they are going to appear…" -Oscar Wilde The Remarkable Rocket Why did we choose the topic of fireworks. Fireworks have been a traditional means of celebration in Hawaii for generations. They are fun to watch and even more fun to set off. Most of all, we chose this topic because we like to blow stuff up and cause our own non violent explosions.... [tags: Papers] 1300 words
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The Facts of Evolution - The Facts of Evolution A fact is something that exists beyond question. It is an actuality, an objective reality. It is established by solid evidence. A theory is something unproved but at times assumed true for the sake of argument. It has yet to be proved as factual. Nonetheless, sometimes something is declared to be a fact that is only a theory. In a September 30, 1986 article of the New York Times there was an published article by a New York University professor, Irving Kristol. His contention is that if evolution were taught in the public schools as the theory it is rather than as the fact it isn't, there would not be the controversy that now rages between evolution and creationism.... [tags: Papers] 2403 words
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Tyrannosaurus Rex - Tyrannosaurus Rex The name says it all. This group of huge carnivores ruled the land during the Cretaceous period. Short but deep jaws, long hind limbs (legs), beady eyes, a long muscular tail, and tiny forelimbs (arms) make up a tyrannosaur. The Tyrannosauridae included such similar animals as Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Tarbosaurus, and of course Tyrannosaurus Rex. A tremendous skeleton of Rex now stands guard in the Valley Life Sciences Building in Washington. Tyrannosaurs belong to the Saurischia, or "reptile-hipped" dinosaurs.... [tags: Papers] 761 words
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The Impact of an Asteroid on Earth - The Impact of an Asteroid on Earth Asteroids sling through space, celestial debris of diverse origins, leftovers from the formation of the solar system, broken offshoots of parental asteroids or comets that have lost their glow. But if an asteroid were to smash into Earth, the result would mean a global catastrophe and life on our Planet could come to an end. The explosion would approach that of a million megatons of TNT- sixteen hundred times greater than the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested (Barnes-Svarney 234).... [tags: Papers] 1227 words
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A Snow Day to Remember - Creative Writing - A Snow Day to Remember - Creative Writing "Wake up J, wake up J, come on J time for school darling," was all I could hear from my mum, her persistence felt like Michael Schumacher repeatedly racing his Ferrari into my ear. You would think I would be use to this daily torture, but NO!, without fail everyday this agony feels just as bad. Slowly but surely I crept out of my bed and slowly made my way to the bathroom. 30 seconds into brushing my teeth, all I could hear was "Get out J, get out, I need to use the bathroom," screamed my sister, Sam, sweet 16.... [tags: Papers] 1672 words
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The Presentation of Conflict In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet - The Presentation of Conflict In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright, most probably in 1594 or 1595. It is thought to be produced more than any other Shakespeare’s play except Hamlet. William Shakespeare (1564-1616) rose in the Elizabethan era or Renaissance period (1550-1660) where people started questioning everything around them from religion to arts and many discoveries were made. His first published works were poem during1591-1593 when the plague and other troubles closed London theatres.... [tags: Papers] 1308 words
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Norman Lockyer Observatory Trip - Norman Lockyer Observatory Trip For our visit we went to the Norman Lockyer observatory to find out more about the nights skies. The two ways they studied the skies were telescopes and spectroscopes. The Norman locker observatory or NLO is based in Sidmouth. Here is a picture of the observatory Aerial View of the Observatory in 1995 Norman Lockyer, (1836-1920) founded the NLO in 1912 Sir Norman Lockyer There are two types of telescopes, Reflecting and Refracting.... [tags: Papers] 1042 words
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Lost In Cyber Space - Original Writing - Lost In Cyber Space - Original Writing My eyes flickered open; the clock said 9:30. Panic. “I’m late for school!” I looked again my digital clock said Saturday the 12th phew. I lay back in the bed relieved I didn’t have to do the everyday school run. As I lay there staring at the ceiling, I wondered what to do with my day. Saturday meant the usual grocery run to Tesco, my family grumbling about the price of things the trolley heaving under the weight of unwanted groceries. My father reluctantly handing over his credit card and staving off yet another heart attack at the sight of the bill.... [tags: Papers] 663 words
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Rock And Roll - When Rock arrived on the music charts in the 1950's, a merging of African-American and White music, it made a huge impact on society. As a general rule I am not heavily into music, but I was drawn to Rock for some inexplicable reason. It is just the music I like. This genre will be difficult to write about because the origin of Rock is unclear; there are traces of Rock's style back into the 19th Century. It is also a very broad subject and I will have to compress a lot of information into as few pages as possible.... [tags: Music] 1758 words
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Johannes Kepler - Johannes Kepler was born the son of a poor mercenary solider in 1571 in Weil der Stadt, Wurttemburg in the Holy Roman Empire. He began his education in Wurttemburg through a scholarship program designed to produce teachers and Lutheran pastors. In 1589, Kepler entered the theological seminary at the University of Tubingen. It was here that he first learned of Copernican astronomy from Michael Maestlin. The University of Tubingen awarded Kepler his MA in 1591. In 1594 Kepler interrupted his theological studies and accepted an appointment as a mathematics teacher at the Lutheran school in Graz, however, he was later dismissed from the position in 1600 due to religious persecution and a standing order for all Lutherans to leave the district.... [tags: Biography] 924 words
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Federal Support of Space Exploration - ... Astrium and RAL scientists have developed technology which helps in the diagnosis of diseases. Satellite imaging helps in preventing strokes. So we can say that a lot of advancements have been made in medicine. These advancements are not just specific to human beings but are also helpful to animals like the Space pumps developed by by Brunel Institute of Bioengineering in the UK has helped in improving the lives of giant female pandas. The pump worked perfectly, and helped in making the lives of pandas better.... [tags: Government/Science]
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Near-Earth Objects - ... Survey and Detection In order to defend against NEOs, the first step is being able to survey the skies and detect, track, catalogue and characterize potential hazards1. Two mandates have been established addressing NEO detection for NASA. The first being, the Spaceguard Survey1,2, which directed the detection of 90 percent of NEOs with diameters of 1 kilometer or greater, a goal which has nearly been achieved. The second mandate is the George E. Brown, Jr. Near-Earth Object Survey section of the 2005 NASA Authorization Act1, which directed the detection of 90 percent of NEOs with diameters of 140 meters or greater, by 2020.... [tags: Space] 2105 words
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Popular Music and Community Identity - ... Rap scholars have stated that rap is a form of expression to indicate resistance from societal pressures at school, the streets, or at work and also resistance against exploitation. This claim is made without much input from the youth community, the primary listeners of rap, but it has been indicatory that similar views of resistance are still a common factor within the youth community (Tanner 698). The production of music combines different eras and communities of people, it also “mediates and represents class, ethnic, generational, gender, and taste differences.” This is important to consider as communities that have the same tastes of music change with time.... [tags: Culture]
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Off To See The Wizard - ... The dark force kept squeezing the life out of me. “Any final words, Vladmir. You look like your in intense pain.”, Malistaire said with a belittling grin. “If I can't have the pleasure of destroying the spiral, NO ONE CAN!”, Vladmir screamed. I watched as he started mumbling enchantations in desperation and the force that was strangling me started to loosen more and more. I was getting set free. “So you think he can help you defeat me huh?”, Malistaire said. I raised myself up and got my wand out.... [tags: Fictional Writing] 1623 words
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What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? - ... If the caterpillars were able to strip all of the leaves from trees, then the plant eaters would not have anything to eat and would die. If the plant eaters died then the meat eaters would die from lack of food. However this theory is thought to be extremely unlikely for caterpillars would have to strip all of the trees around the world of their leaves at virtually the same time. Supernova: A supernova is an exploding star. It can blast material huge distances into space. Some scientists think cosmic radiation caused by the explosion would cause extremely high rates of deadly cancer among the dinosaurs.... [tags: Animal Research ]
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The Gravitational Slingshot - ... It is the most fuel efficient, naturally occurring “booster” in the universe. The gravitational force of a planet, even one as small as Mars, cause exponentially increase the velocity of an object. Using the Conservation of Kinetic Energy equation, which was developed by Newton, we see that no kinetic energy, or displacement energy is being lost as Gravitational Potential Energy. GPE is just that, potential energy that is not put into motion quite yet. In addition to Kinetic Energy, Linear Momentum is conserved also.... [tags: Scientific Research ]
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Book Reviewer
They were rushed out without sufficient testing to try and beat the yanks to have a commercial jet, it didn't work.
yeah - who were we to think that we could get away with passengers in comfort. should have stuck them in sheepskin and oxygen masks.
Yeah, but apart from a bit of metal fatigue they are beautiful.
My dad used to fix them. Well, the ones that hadn't turned into bridges, hills, culverts, forests, mountains and fences. He used a technical term for them: "fucked".


Book Reviewer
What is it with Comets all of a sudden? First one passes inside the orbit of the geostationary satellites, then someone posts a question on both the RAC and the Military History forums (though they did turn out to mistakenly refer to Cromwells). Now a third different subject matter concerning Comets.

What will it be next week? Centurions?
What is it with Comets all of a sudden? First one passes inside the orbit of the geostationary satellites, then someone posts a question on both the RAC and the Military History forums (though they did turn out to mistakenly refer to Cromwells). Now a third different subject matter concerning Comets.

What will it be next week? Centurions?
Well it's not every day that a major retail outlet goes bust.

Oh. Actually...
They were rushed out without sufficient testing to try and beat the yanks to have a commercial jet, it didn't work.
Yup, nothing like killing several hundred people to prove a point. Were they designed by a politician?


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Why did they put starfighter wings on it?
high altitude interceptor, they needed the body space for the fly by wire computer to deal with the stubby wings.
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