Comets in Korea?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BenghaziBandit, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. I have just read (Wico!!) that there were Comets in action in Korea, this is news to me ,any info??
  2. There was recently a good programme on one of the satellite channels about some guys at IWM Duxford restoring a COMET. They had some interviews with some RAC vets who fought COMET in Korea. Apparently the PLA and the N Koreans did not like them. It was the only AFV that could actually be driven up to some of the highest peaks.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was the Centurion that was known for mountaingoatishness.

  4. IIRC FOO's and some others had Comets.
    The Cents were still on the Secret list, at least the stab for the guns was and hadn't, as far as I'm aware, been given to units outside the RAC

    Edited to add. Some stuff here, scroll down.
  5. I served on Comets with the Queens Bays, we in 2nd.Arm.Bgd.,
    Bays,9th.Lancers, 4th. and 6th.RTR had them in Italy 1946, Egypt and Palestine 47/48 but I had never heard of them with units in Korea.
    I do know most of the RAC in Korea but they all had Cents., I was recalled for refresher course on Cents in 51 (I'd worked on one of the first at Lulworth in 46) and was under the impression that all Comet regiments had switched to Cents by then.
    Can any one give any specific units with Comets?
    I know some of the Bays lads were 'loaned' out to 8th.Hussars in Korea but they had come from Cents by then.
  6. Picked this up elsewhere on the web. But nothing specific on units as yet.

    The 11th Armoured Division was the first to receive the new tanks in December 1944 and the only division to be completely refitted by the end of the war. Because of its late arrival, the Comet did not participate in any major battles though it did see combat against the Germans. The Comet was involved in the crossing of the Rhine/Operation Plunder
    During the following Korean War, the Comet served along with the heavier Centurion tank a successor tank introduced in the closing days of WWII on an experimental basis, but too late to see combat. The Centurion was formally adopted in 1949 and was partly based on the Comet's design. The Comet remained in British service until 1958 when the remaining tanks were sold to foreign governments; up until the 1980s, it could be found in the armies of various nations such as South Africa.
  7. Andrew Salmon's "To the Last Round" mentions Cromwells in use as Recce and FOO tanks. The Cromwell is visually quite similar to the Comet, perhaps this is the confusion?
  8. There seems to be some confusion to be sure........................various things I've read say Comet/Cromwell, I just assumed that people mean Comet as it was the most advanced tank we had alongside Centurion at that time?? I can't see how we'd send Cromwell not Comet?? I guess there must be some definitive answer somewhere?? Wikipedia...though excellent.......does worry me as anyone can pretty much put what they want so, if someone is a little inaccurate, the knock on effect.........................!!
  9. I know it would be hard but it could be the Churchill they're getting confused with! As that was used by 7 RTR at some stage.
  10. I as I wrote previously served on Comets. I also refreshed on Cents, none of my friends who served in Korea ever mentioned Comets there.
    I don't know of any units with Comets in Korea!
    I'll get on phone to old Bays mate who was there, see what he knows.
    (Just done that, mate never saw any, he was attached to 8th.Hussars.)
    Certainly not bloody Cromwells, think they were all out of service by then.
  11. I have a picture in front of me of a 8th Hussars Cromwell that was captured by the Chinese and put back into service with an NK unit. On 11th Feb 1951 it ran into a Centurion Mk3 from C troop 8th Hussars and was knocked out and recaptured.


    Here you go - note the korean characters on the front hull
    I've researched thus

    Units involved either as Regts or Independant Sqns
    8th KRIH
    1 RTR
    7 RTR
    5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards

    In the book
    Korean War order of battle: United States, United Nations, and Communist ... By Gordon L. Rottman

    Regimental sized units were equipped with 4 sqns of 64 Cent Mk III 20 Pounder AND Recce Troop of 6 CROMWELL Mk VII.

    Independant (C) Sqn of 1RTR was equipped with 16 Churchill Mk IV Crocodile Flamethrowers, 77mm guns (flame guns were removed). Plus 2 each Command and recovery Churchills across 5 Troops.

    Hope that clears any confusion so, there were in fact NO Comets in service in Korea............nearest would have been Hong Kong!!! Confusion was obviously between the Cromwells and Comets.
  13. Something about that site mate...........tells me we shouldn't pay toooooo much attention to it.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I looked at that site earlier I think it pretty much repeats what Wiki says

    Would the Aussies have shipped any out?