Comeing soon to a notice board or Routine Orders near you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AussieSapper, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Corporate Support presents Module 2 of Sub 1 for Cpl.

    Only $12000*

    Dont wait for a tardy merit board. Prove to your CO you are a go getter. Corporate Support is proud to present another in its successful range of Defence approved and accredited training modules for promotion.
    Your trainers are all experienced, most of them are ex or serving members and will work with you to bring out your best. On completion** of the course, your records will automatically updated and Training Command provided with a copy of the course report.

    Ask for Form PR347, Leave for Training available via download or at the Self Service Personal Empowerment Walk-in annex at your local Garrison Support Facilities Coordination and Administration Centre***

    *Tax deductable. Includes travel, accommodation, food and Defence approved medical insurance. For an extra $500 limited places to upgrade to first class accommodation with ensuite bathroom facilities.

    **Corporate Support and Defence support responsible drinking and so there will be no end of course piss up.

    *** Formerly known as the Orderly Room at Head Shed.

    No refunds for early return to unit unless at Defence request.
  2. Seems none of you caaahhnnns got it. In Oz at the moment support functions are being outsourced, and in the areas of contact to most diggers its to dead eyed mouthbreathers with the IQ of a goldfish.

    All of this of course is to save money, it costs a lot to have a uniformed member count the blankets and cook the rations, and in some ways I agree with that.

    But what is also happening is courses are becoming modules, this gives flexibility. No need to have members gather at a single location for several months whilst you train them, it can be broken down and delivered by teams of trainers to you, all at a cost saving.

    Even better, some of it can be done online.

    Pretty soon Corporate Support will sniff out another service they can deliver, after all, with Defence facilitys they can do so at a subsidised cost.

    Its then only a single step for them to get pro active and advertise the modules, and why shouldnt a dig march himself onto a course? why wait for a merit board? Present your career advisor with a fait accompli. "Sir you think I am a cahhhn, but I can clearly pass the course"

    You read it here first fakirs.
  3. Right.

    And you couldn't have just explained all that to start with?

    Problem with sarcasm or similar wit, is that the audience need to have a clue about what you are going on about. Or you just look a tit. See above for example.
  4. So what you are saying is there is little need for an effective logistic requirement.

    Think Napoleon (amongst others) may argue with you there.
  5. Long time reader, first time poster. I thought the British forces were undergoing the same sort of process and my lame attempt at humour would translate.
  6. I'm just trying to get my head around your first post before I come over to Oz in June. A merit board, is that what we would call a promotion board?
  7. Not saying that at all. Its because they are undervalued that they are being outsourced out to organisations that can do it cheaper. Wether it bites us in the arse time will tell.

    Not sure what the tooth to tail ratio in Iraq is but I would be willing to bet that the tail is very much reduced, but that slack has been taken up by contractors.

    In a global sense, if having a cheaper and just as effective logistic tail frees up money to be spent on teeth, its probably all well and good.
  8. No its a promotion or selection board here as well, I thought I had read somewhere on here merit board and thought that was the word you guys used.

    Sorry about the misunderstandings. Also Sub 1 here is the prerequisite for promotion which deals with leadership and milskills and is the same for all corps.

    I thought having the military skills aspect outsourced would add piquancy to my initial post, but obviously didnt think it through.
  9. Please tell me that bits bull!
  10. So down under they are outsourcing their training to civvies, including NCO management courses?
  11. Why not? I have been involved in something similiar here, plus the Yanks have been doing it for years and some of the modules they do are excellent. CBRN springs to mind.

    As Aussie Sapper said about outsourcing to civvies there is a bit of a flaw in the system with using former servicepersonnel. They have a tendancy to leave the post and because the post is now civilianised technically any civvy can apply for said job with no mil experience or even any civvy within the establishment transferring posts for better pay etc.
  12. And Shebang listener I gather?