Comedy ?


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Anyone listen to 'The Now Show' on Radio Four yesterday or today ?

In my view political satire is something to be lauded in society, an expression of freedom that can bring painful subjects up without too much offence......except perhaps this latest offering.

A poorly researched skit turned into what seemed to be an attack on the Armed Forces - apparently we enjoy the death that sometimes accompanies the job.
Oh, and the Army can be cut, amalgamated and changed without any problem according to the expert on the programme - "it's not a Ming vase."

But perhaps I'm being too sensitive, please use the link below and click on 'listen to the latest edition' to find out for yourself.

Let me know if I'm being a complete tw@t about this, eh ?
Gun race by engineers?

Total b*llocks show and I will never forgive you for inviting me to listen to it :lol:

Load of luvvy comedians taking the michael out of anything current affairs that they can think of. Not worth wasting time on.
well, they're a bunch of leftie twats anyway, and admitted it in the show just before the MoD bit...


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I apologise sincerely Murielson.

I'll get the wets in then, what'll it be ?

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