Comedy Rogue Traders on the Beeb



Matt Allwright is back and the comedy tradesman are on camera, again.
You couldn't make it up. Stand by for the secret cameras and fault "traps".

The sparky's s'posed to be checking the fusebox and he's snooping about. the room... but will he rumble the mysterious warm kettle....mmmm

or is he too fick?
ah but someone almost blew it by having a cuppa
long been a fan of rogue traders, comdey whilst offering a public service...


Mikey the foreign Locksmith is an undiscovered gem. "Ripping her off blind".

Guess he won't be called out any time soon then... 8O And... "Paul" is back, transformed from an electrician into a Locksmith. Multiple £458.24 bills as well, in fact three times he's done it. :lol: Am I in the wrong job? And is he going to charge them £458.24 this time an' all? Is this a recognised condition?

Oh and he's had it away on his toes (oe the Van) and escaped down a one way street.....he'll be coming back past the cameras in a minute :lol:

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