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Who Is Bubbles?

Bubbles currently lives in a shed on Julian's property. Ricky was responsible for the fire that burned down Bubbles' first shed when he incorrectly hooked up the electrical wiring needed to quarantine his and Julian's marijuana plants. He lost everything, including his most prized possession, a 1961 Electro-Bubblemaker...the only thing he had left from his parents who abandoned him at a very young age. After this he moved into the back of J-ROC's van. After getting released from jail and collecting from Freedom 35, Julian bought him another shed. This new shed is larger and has more stuff in it. He also bought Bubbles a cell phone. Bubbles loves kitties, pink unicorns and pickled eggs. He makes his living by collecting, repairing and reselling old shopping carts. Although Bubbles may not seem very smart he is, often quoting Plato.

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