comedy hypnotist

i have herd that hypnotists are not allowed to perform at military functions .is this true and who do i ask to find out.
I'd be surprised if this was true, as I know of chap (who was a serving medic as well as a stage hypnotist) who used to do mess functions.
Dunno about now but we had one in Hounslow in the late 80s early 90's. Paul McKenna (sp?) dunno what ever happened to him (he was rubbish then as well).
They're not banned but your security clearance may be at risk if you are "put under".
I saw a couple back in the 70'ies (at the Fiesta in Norton). One was very funny and genuine - a woman I know went up and was 'put under'. She turned out to be an amazing singer.

Another young doris was put under and told to 'go to the most handsome man in the room, sit on his lap and give him a kiss and then wake up and wonder what on earth you're doing'. She'd been sitting with her b/friend just behind us, and when she made a beeline in our direction the b/f was beaming - until she sat in my dad's lap and kissed him.

Another one was also very funny but was outed as having got local students in as students in return for beer vouchers.
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