Comedy Heroes Thread.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Who is yours..??

    For me, it is the one and only AP...


  2. Chris Morris
  3. Tony Bliar - a true comedian.
  4. Dave Allen was one of the best. A fantastic storyteller and a very funny man.
  5. Peter Kay Phoenix nights bl00dy brilliant,
  6. Partridge Back of the net!

    However, in at No1

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  7. has to be Roy "chubby" Brown
  8. Tony Banks had me in stitches yesterday.
  9. billy connelly hands down
  10. kevin "bl00dy" wilson - i saw mummy sucking santa clause - he should be the poet laureat.
  11. Eric Morcambe. Genius. :D
  12. Monty Python.............. a group I know but fecking fantastic
  13. ross noble. or possibly jimmy carr.
  14. Bernard Manning - I like a balanced approach to my comedy
  15. Bill bailey. Bloody brill