comedy help!!!

saw a comedian on t'tellybox the other day but i can't remember his name. all i can rememeber is that his routine ended with how 'surreal' is overused in comedy these days before going off on a story ending with "NOW THATS F$%KING SURREAL". sound familiar to anyone?

i really would appreciate a name....
i was in a somewhat inebriate state mate, so i can't recall much. i know he was white with short cut brown hair, but thats about it. think he was english, but he did remind me somewhat of Jim Jeffries.

but for the love of god don't let my description limit your answers, cause i could be thinking of someone else. i was realllllllllllly mullered.
I *think* it could be Tommy Tiernan.

A very very funny Irish comedian.
if it was tommy, than i don't recall the facial fuzz, but i'm fairly sure it wasn't Dylan Moran, who i've never been a huge fan of. but thanks for the help anyway guys, keep em coming and i shall research into each and everyone...

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