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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by babyblue, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Just thinking about the sad loss of Ronnie Barker (what a talented funny guy) has got me thinking of other comedy greats that are no longer with us ie. Tony Hancock (A Pint!) Another that I found hilarious and was side splitting was Alf Garnett (Alfs Christmas) it went something along the lines of:

    Alf Garnett said Jesus was English etc etc and Joseph was just a lodger!!

    and continued.........Joseph and Mary were sent to Bethlehem and couldnt find anywhere to stay,........... to which the old dear in the sketch replied "well it was Christmas what do you expect, everywhere is crowded"

    What are your favourite comedy classics?
  2. Is Warren Mitchell dead? :? Did anyone tell him?

  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I thought you were supposed to be squeezing one out? Get on with it between midnight and breakfast or I'll lose my bet.
  4. nooooooo sorry it wasnt very clear but I guess its too late now!
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Any part of Bill Hick's rant about GW1, but especially the bit about the catalogue of weaponry,and the bit about the Republicans "making up this sheite about there being guards put there".
  6. That's okay, we can find out where he lives and send RTFQ stories to him... He'll either die laughing or come back with a shed load of new material. ;) Result either way! :D

  7. Bob Newhart - The Shell...... in fact, most of his material.
  8. Bill Hicks and the fact that if you listen to his jokes about Bush senior and GW1, and didn't know Hicks was dead you'd think he was talking about Iraq at the moment.

    What have the Romans ever done for us? Continue ....


    Judean People's Front. We're the People's Front of Judea! Judean People's Front


    Whom would you have me welease?
    Welease Woger!
    Yes! Welease Woger! Welease Woger! [laughing]
    Vewy well. I shall welease Woger!
    Sir, uh, we don't have a 'Woger', sir.
    Uh, we don't have anyone of that name, sir.
    Ah. We have no 'Woger'!
    Well, what about Wodewick, then?
    Yes! Welease Wodewick! Welease Wodewick!
    Centuwion, why do they titter so?
    Just some, uh, Jewish joke, sir.
    Are they... wagging me?
  10. Anything by Spike Milligan, top comedian and not a bad old-gunner either
  11. "Introducing tobacco" :lol:
  12. Spike milligans war diaries are without a doubt the funniest thing i've ever read.

    I dont know if its sick but when a great comedian dies i'm sad yet also a little happy because i know i'm going to spend an evening absolutely p1ssing myself when the BBC do "A Tribute To......." and show all the best episodes from when BBC comedies were actually funny.

    Edited due to my still drunk head not working properly
  13. Chris Rock: "A man is only as faithful as his options. Monica shouldn't have even had a chance! Hilary put us all in danger, and she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions! She's the First Lady! She needs to be the first one on her knees to suck his d*ck!"

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  14. Spike Milligan. Funny to the end , on his headstone: "Duirt me leat go raibh me breoite" :lol: