Comedy Campbell

Did anyone else see the footage of Campbel bursting into the BBC this afternoon demanding to be interviewed, then ranting and raving about how the BBC had lied and fitted him up? Classic comedy value as he looses the plot.  ;D

I think a vacancy might be coming up in the Government spin machine very shortly!


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VB  -

Yes, BBC and AC - a marriage made in hell, and good to see.  Perhaps these two 'organisations' will destroy each other - but that's too much to hope, I'm afraid.


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You're al forgetting who the real mouthpiece Campbell is and why he is so keen to get off the hook. If he goes, Bliar goes, almost inevitable as one gets tarred with the same brush, and rightly so the lying pair of twaats.


To misquote Shakespeare ,

The man doth protest too much methinks !
Dunno if I agree Shotgun

I think he's making too much noise, almost like he's trying to drag the nations attention from something else


1. 6 Murdered squaddies
2. The real meat of the matter , where are the weapons? As the Ginger bearded one said last night , "They said his chemical and Nuclear programmes were restarted, so where are the factories?"
3. He is publicly going to fall on his sword, so saving Tony, and, in 6 months time, will have a knighthood, and his job back :mad: :mad: :mad:

What an absolute wrectch the man is. I hope the BBC do not back down, and continue to support Andy Gilligan. Campbell needs to go. Maybe it's time the LegoLanders leaked the original document, or something more juicy? Come on guys    ;D
Apparantly, No 10 are intending to sue.  Now who's money will pay the court costs and all for the ego of a non elected civil servant?   He's also threatened to resign apparently. f*ck off!
There is a definite policy of "Make smoke, jink like crazy Driver" going on. Something stinks in Babylon.......

When the worlds most respected news organisation is being threatened, cajoled and bullied, they must know they're on to something.

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I can't believe how much attention this is getting in the media.  There is a lot of talk about the fallout between AC/TB and BBC.  

This is not surprising.  The BBC are usually tame and very supportive of TB et al. It must have come as some shock to find this usually very pliable media outlet suddenly accusing TB of lying and AC of 'sexing up' (awful phrase!) an intelligence brief and thus leading the country into war under false pretexts.  (Why they couldn't just have said Saddam was a homicidal, manic despot treating Iraq like some medieval fiefdom and thus required removing for the benefit of the population and regional security escapes me!)

It is notable that whilst AC is furiously claiming the BBC has no grounds to make these allegations, he has not offered any proof or evidence to prove his own position.  Obviously he is hoping the media will focus on the BBC, taking the heat off him and TB.  I hope the media in general see through this and continue to pressure the pair of them.

Go on you journo's!  (Never thought I would say that!)

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Further to my last posting, Andrew Gilligan has issued a press release to the Deputy Speaker of the house demanding a full apology for a statement accusing Gilligan of misleading the Foreign Affairs Committee, or he will begin legal proceedings against the Deputy Speaker.

Anyone for litigation?  ;D ;D ;D
was a homicidal, manic despot treating Iraq like some medieval fiefdom and thus required removing for the benefit of the population and regional security escapes me

Because then we'd have been asked why we hadn't dealt with Zimbabwe first.

6,000,000 Zimmers set to starve , Libya says to Mugabe, "Get stuffed" and still we sit by, because we're afraid to be criticised on a "Black thing"

John Humphrys summed it up best in his Sunday Times commentary last week  - We need to get in now, sort it out, and bedamned to the name calling.

France doesn't have a problem sorting it's former colonies out, why do we?


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Wonder what B liar and Campbell have signed over/agreed to to get that little bit of prose??

Very old highland saying - "Never trust a Campbell" - all too true throughout the ages