Comedians that are not funny but think they are

Him & those other 2 lefty woke ******* on the Last Leg programme.
I’ve seen Adam Halls doing stand up and he is very funny but I can’t watch The Last Leg since they were fawning all over Corbyn when they invited him on the show.
However I did find the show very funny when they kept away from the politics.
Reminds me of the Not the Nine O'Clock News song, "Kind a Lingers". A deeply soulful song, the only time I saw my father in law laugh out loud.
(For my sins I like Mick Miller. particularly his gig at Butlins.)
Seeing that on TV as a 9 - 10 year old I didn't get the joke but everyone else had a good laugh about it but me being the youngest was puzzled. It just got filed away as one of those things and forgotten about.

I heard the song again about 5 years ago and it hit me. Cunnilingus!
I don't think they style themselves as Chefs do they? Two decent blokes who cook great food I would say ...
yeah but you know what I mean, they went and did that slimming book that Mrs RM rushed out to get at probably 15 quid and then lo and behold they pitch up on telly again 6 weeks later as tubby tuckers..... Just watch that Joe Wicks made of rubber and eats grass guy will be next....sells his books next think he will be on a python sketch asking for a "waffer theen mint"
Iirc, he did a gig in Middlesbrough shortly after the late 80s Cleveland child abuse scandal, and his opening line ws "surprised at the turnout tonight, I thought you'd all be at home shagging your children".

Must have been an interesting audience reaction that night.

Bob Monkhouse used to open with that line back in the 70's.

Ok, thats a fib but it paints an epic picture in my head. Makes me laugh more than he actually did.


I'm amazed , in the current wave of virtue signalling, that they haven't dragged Stephen K. Amos out . I've had funnier haemorrhoids than him

Edited: spelledt name rong
On the strength of one gag* we saw him live and he had some good lines but came over as a bit of an arrogant guy after describing a hotel scene where he tried opening his room door the wrong way. Called a member of staff, who explained the doors opened the other way (fire regs). He then has a pop at the staff bloke, who can't answer back about does he think the public are stupid?

It was a golden opportunity to reflect that he'd called the front desk because he hadn't tried the door both ways but instead belittled a working joe. Dave Allen, Bob Monkhouse and others of their generation would've got a sympathetic laugh at their own expense. Modern comics are too precious to take the risk. Frankie Boyle springs to mind

*"I came running back from my new school all excited; 'Mum mum! There's a black kid started at school today! I looked everywhere but couldn't find him!' ".
I was just looking at another thread about the supposed comedy show Taskmasters and reading peoples thoughts.

There are a lot of negative replies and this got me to thinking what programmes/comedians that are on Tele BUT are not funny at all in my eyes so i was wondering who commissions their programmes and is a lot of it who you/they know

For Instance:

Victoria Wood - Not funny
Miranda Hart - Not funny
Jo Brand - Not funny at all
Catherine Tate - Not funny
Ruby Wax - Not funny
Jimmy Carr - Not funny and a tax dodging smug twat
Eddie Izzard - Not funny and not sure if he is even a comedian
Michael McIntyre - Not funny
Frankie Boyle - Not funny and a twat
Jack Dee - Was funny but not now

The thing is its our TV Licence fees that are paying for these unfunny, funny fukers, maybe its just my age but comedians used to make me laugh these make me turn over or OFF

Please feel free to add or take away from the
ok my list of people who get paid for being “funny”

James Acaster.
Tom Allen. ( Just being gay isn’t enough)
Stephen K Amos. (Just being gay and black, also not enough)
Bill Bailey. (stop trying to be a musician and concentrate on being funny)
John Bishop.(If he used that nauseating accent on the streets of Liverpool he’d be
beaten to death for taking the piss)
Frankie Boyle( I don’t want to swear but “twat”)
Rob Beckett ( I can’t eat when he’s on telly)
Kevin Bridges( he has just the one joke about wanking and even that’s ****)
Marcus Bridgstocke( his double bass was funnier)
Alan Carr(has smelly feet apparently....eww!
Hal Crutenden (shite)
Alan Davies(laughs at his own joke which he precedes to act out in its entirety but never
says anything remotely amusing. This ass is one of my particular dislikes)
Joel Dommett( this guy is soooo creepy)

There are many more to add . X


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If you have Sky, I can highly recommend avoiding a show called Dating No Filter. It claims to have comedians making funny comments on people dating.

Its utter and complete shite.
Richard Osman’s House of Games (quiz show) usually has a couple of stand up comedians as contestants. The clever ones generally don’t try to be funny and usually do well. Ronnie Ancona is thick as... and not funny either...


Trawling through the i- player last night, I found one episode of a series by Karen Dunbar, a scots comedian.

Very funny, and definitely non- PC.

She was brilliant in "Chewing the Fat", with Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill.


WTF has happened to Frankie Boyle?? Watched some of his show recently and I thought the ultra-woke personality was part of a set up for a joke but after a while I realised there was no punchline coming.

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The most unfunniest 'comedian' on the planet ever was Ben Elton. Angsty humongous pillock that he was even in his hey day. God what a ******* boring irritable twat he was.
Did he really write Black Adder?

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WTF has happened to Frankie Boyle?? Watched some of his show recently and I thought the ultra-woke personality was part of a set up for a joke but after a while I realised there was no punchline coming.
He’s always been an unfunny Cnut.

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