Comeback for Krypton Factor quiz

Quality! I'd like to see "It's a knockout!" return. I got 2 large scars and 36 stitches due to that great bit of friday night entertainment!!!!!!!!


I did that assault course on my nco cadre but with SLR webbing and a tin lid, civvy iron hoofs!
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
I'll bet H&S will be horrendous for the assault course.

Will it just be a 100m walk surrounded by crash mats?
Are you insane?! How are the wheelchair users supposed to cope with that? The EO people'll be all over you for that one.
My better half was on the show sometime in '85, I put the tape on every now and again to see her dragging her arrse over the assault course but my best laugh is when she almost had an arguement with Gordon Burns over a question, never seen that happen in all the time I watch that show.
Got to be better than the current trend of retard baiting and chav advertisment that is reality TV.


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I don't think I'll be applying this time. Must have been about 1984 I went along to the audition at the SKC Cinema somewhere in the 1 Armd Div area. (It was a long time ago.)

They asked for volunteers, I did, I got interviewed by Gordon Burns himself (there were half a dozen interviewers). Made the shortlist but ended up an unused reserve.

The bloke who had sat next to me through the presentation (a Pilot Officer or something at Gutersloh) went on to win.
As long as they don't turn it into Celebrity Krypton Factor it'll be good. Used to love the bit where they had a go in a flight sim and the Assault Course.
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