Come on, which Trog out there is bidding on this, own up?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Active_Edge_841, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Come on then, who's bidding on this?

    Is it you DS, just cos you're finally going to be on a WO2's wage, it doesn't mean that you can go on a spending spree, Mrs. DS will have your hide.

    Click for RCT plaque

    I know us Trogs still love the old Corps, but this is taking things a bit far!

    Me, I'm looking in the attic for anything with RCT printed on it.

  2. Am so tempted to send someone I know an Email. Yes you know who you are!!
  3. I'll dust off my stable belt..........
  4. £102! Looks like it was made on Blue Peter or by the REME
  5. Its not me!!!!

  6. lolol... Cant be REME it would have been put in whole fleet by now!
  7. Would sit nicely next to your calender of Big trucks wouldnt it??
  8. i have a few in the garage will dust them off and anyone what 2 for the price of 1
  9. Well I've just sorted out some old style RCT shoulder titles, the mega old ones with the small brass plate and pin. An RCT striped tie, an RCT stable belt, 2 RCT cap badges. Oh yeah & a tatty old Gurkha Transport Regiment cap badge.

    If people are willing to part with that much for an RCT plaque, I might just get enough money with my tat to buy a pint and a NAAFI growler.

    Oh Edgey, come and get yer MOD Form 425 back, yer a tw*t! :lol:
  10. I dont have any calenders in the office etc, i leave that to the wannabes in Ffax!
  11. Last time I looked the plaque was up to £122.00! :shock:

    This has got to be a wind up?
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    That is outrageous. Would be cheaper to get one made from scratch.
  13. Whoever he is, he has more money than sense. £122 for a plaque!!
  14. ....£122..Definately more money than sence...Probably going to be put in the down stairs loo to cover that horrible stain on the wall.. :headbang: