Come on Tim!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Hes being royally Rogered 6-4 6-0 4-1. :D

    Why does he persist?

    Im sick of him and his sycophantic followers. :evil:
  2. at least it will be over with in the first week.... can we plant him under his hill??
  3. He's just a bit too old and past it; add to that the fact Federer is brilliant and he was always going to get spanked.

    Respect the man for his achievements in Wimbledons past (he's done pretty well for a Brit several times) and hope that we have someone to take over from him.

    Don't judge the man by a small group of fans who shout "come on timmy" etc in the middle of a point... w*nkers
  4. Yep, the come on tim bunch are the biggest bunch of cnuts ever.
  5. Simply put, Stephen Hawkin has more chance of winning Wimbledon that Henman. He just hasn't got it!!
  6. 'too old'? He was $hite 5 yrs ago... just another brit who has failed in the tennis world. lets stick to being the best country at letting asylum seekers in.
  7. 5 years ago he got to the Semi-finals and was 2 points away from reaching the finals. That's NOT bad. The next year he also made it to the semis. Given the quality of British Tennis in the last 20 years Timmy's been easily the best and had a game that is exciting to watch on grass.