Come on then bullet babies.....

Discussion in 'RLC' started by strima, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Who's this????

    Why is the MoD paying for this???? 23 years of service does not justify a sex change when people are struggling for claims and care they are entitled to!!!!!
  2. Oh, I do apologise for not being in the NAAFI at this time of day!!!!!!
  3. Ah so very typical, 30k wouldn't touch the sides in dealing with anything of any consequence - we've spent that on Frisbees in Basra! Why not do as Clarkeson says and compare everything to the number of incubators you could have bought.

    In the wider scheme of things this is not a big deal. Its a fraction of the cost of training a replacement soldier when someone PVRs or the cost of repairing a DROPS trashed on exercise because someone still thinks we should practice bugging out of forested areas at three in the morning and no-one bats an eyelid when those things happen.
  4. It's not the point of the money, it's the principle. A civilian employer would never fork out for this so why should the MoD.

    Give me the 30K so I can get a couple of PortaKabins for the boys to use as a restroom as the OC has decided to remove the facility, that's 30K better spent.

    If he/she wants this then fine, but the system should not pay!!!!
  5. Maybe he just cant pass his BFT and wants an extra couple of minutes!!!!!!!
  6. I can't see any other employer paying for it and it does appear to be a waste of public resources. Not the biggest waste going but not really justifiable.
  7. Not saying I agree with the whole thing, but where do you draw the line in the provision of healthcare? Girls have had breast enhancement paid for by the Army - it's all about the mental wellbeing of the individual and if getting your c0ck turned inside out is what it takes...... then crack on (not for me personally :) )

    You're right, no other employer would fund it..... but the Army is different as it does provide healthcare for its employees.

    Would everyone be up in arms about an expensive cancer drug?
  8. You can't compare a volantary sex change to cancer. As for breast augmentation, that shouldn't be paid for either except for medical reasons i.e. Norks so big she gets black eyes when running.
  9. Wouldn't that be a breast reduction?
  10. You may be on to something here; have you seen the size of his/her/its gut?
  11. This could be an attempt by the Army Womens Rugby team at poaching quality players. Ones with their own c0*k and not the usual strap ons.

    Or is this Op being done in prep for a posting to PRB? Perhaps the 'gentleman - thing' just wants to fit in when visiting Club 47. For sure there are some ladies there he has things in common with and will make him/her feel most welcome? (Toss him/her in and watch the melee comence to be the first.)
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