Come ON Rossi - Come ON Alonso

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Brew_Time, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. With the weekend looming fast. Sunday is the ultimate sports afternoon for a petrol head.

    The Moto GP final and the F1 final both Sunday PM, both races will decide the world championship in both their sports for 2006. It's going to be great viewing.

    Who do I want to win - Rossi and Alonso of course.

  2. I think you are slightly early on the Moto GP, I'm pretty sure it's in Valencia next weekend.

    I'm shouting for the Doctor

    Who is Alonso :)
  3. I thought it was the 29th?

    Im still a Texas Tornado fan!
  4. If you wait until next week you'll have missed it!

    and don't bet against li'l Loris!
  5. Valencia is NEXT weekemd. My money (literally) Is on Rossi. Since he was 51 pts back after Laguna.

    Boremula 1 is shite.
  6. :oops: :oops: :oops:

    sorry chaps ... got carried away there...

    Correct! The race is 29th.

    ... but still don't bet against Capirex
  7. Troy Bayliss is racing on the 29th for Ducati replacing Gibernau??
  8. Yes he is. A bit of a waste really.
  9. I had assumed on hearing it he would possibly be doing a deal for next season which confused me further as I was under the impression he had signed for another two years with Ducati WSB team.

    I take it this is a 'reward', novelty run for Bayliss?
  10. Still gotta be better than GibberingNads... :wink:
  11. On the F1 front, BMW-Sauber have added "Thanks Michael" and "Danke Michael" to their rear wings.

    The only time he is likely to see it is when he laps them.

    I still reckon Alonso will finish in the points. Easy bet.
  12. I'm not really a fan of Blubbernow, but he has had an unlucky season. he has been that way since Rossi took his mojo.

    I thought Leon Haslam night have been given a runout at Valencia. What does it prove to give Bayliss a run out?
  13. True guru.. Leon could do very well for himself were he given the chance. Bayliss? Dependable ride? Maybe keeping the manufacturer points coming in more than Leon would? Dunno.
  14. Slightly OT but I won the Letter of the Week in MCN last week and will be at the Preview Day at the NEC on Fri ! I will be forking out for a Leon Haslam rep lid for 100 quid off (300) Cool design. Leons chance of a Gresini ride went down the shitter with Elias's amazing ride at Estoril.
  15. Nice one guru, i didn't get MCN last week so lets see the letter.