Come on, own up!

he better not try that in France, 150 Euros fine!
I hope he gets his cunt kicked in
I saw this, apparently Crime in Tunbridge wells is so bad, I'm fucked then where I live, Don't try to save me boys just call in the SWAT team.
My judgement is out until I see him kicking the fuck out of a bunch of chavs.
I was in Royal Tunbridge Wells this morning.
I didn't see him.
However I did see several MILF's and Yummy Mummies.Which was nice.
You're lucky that you only looked and didn't touch. If you had, Ninja boy would have emerged from the bushes & kicked the fucking jam out of your doughnuts.
I work in Tunbridge wells. Gotta look out for him.


Definately right about the yummy mummy thing though. Shame they can't drive for dig shit and are ignorant to boot.
A sad case. A failed Special Constable perhaps?
more likely a current special constable, you'd be amazed how many ask on a certain forum "what kit do we get to take home" and the like
Your name is Herman Van Rumpuoy...... and I demand my E500 Million Euro prize....

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