Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, May 23, 2007.

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  1. The very idea that a team that hasnt won its domestic title for 17 years can swan around as Champions of Europe fills me with rage. :x

    So please, Gattuso, Kaka, Maldini, for the sake of football...make those Scousers cry!!

    Forza Rossoneri!!
  2. If you need cheering up, you can always nip to Anfield and see the trophy you lot won once.
  3. Totally predictable Taz, just surprised you waited so long. As in my reply to your other post re Liverpool - the grapes must taste very sour.

    Why is it that LFC attract so much of your attention? Not satisfied with the good job your team did in winning the Prem? Or is it just that you can't get out of the play ground habits.
  4. Once, the number of times we have won the treble, once more than you ever have and ever will!
  5. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Think you meant TWO there actually! :roll: Come on Milan
  6. Yep we won it twice..and we never killed anyone :wink:

    I made it just to annoy you and rub it in afterwards when you're disconsolate in defeat. :p

    Come on, you know fine well you would be doing the same if the tables were turned.

    Besides I still recall all the Bayern Munich banners you lot held aloft prior to our '99 triumph.
  7. On a similar note - the very notion that Manchester United, the so called 'Biggest and Best Supported Club in the World', has only won it twice in 40 years, must be equally frustrating. Thanks for flying the flag in their absence, Liverpool. :p
  8. Ahahahaha fcking well done Milan! Even more sweeter that they played crap and still won it. Face it scousers you're just a crap team, Zenden, Pennant, Kewell? Lol Ah well you'll never sign alone!
  9. how many people were saying but you did'nt win the league to get in there when man u won it? A lot of kopites certainly did wasnt much of it 2 years ago
  10. As pleased as I am that Milan won, its a bit rich from a Man Utd fan to gob off about winning the trophy after finishing top. However, Liverpool gambled it all on the Champs league and gave up in the other 3 comps. At least Man Utd and Chelsea fought on all fronts and came away with trophies this season. Even Rick Parry has said that the Champs League is second fiddle to the Prem tilte, so gob of as you may Liverpool fans, you need to perform in the league
  11. i hope you dont mean me im everton pal just people have short memories thats all
  12. This is how it feels to be City. This is how it feels to be small. This is how it feels when your team wins nothing at all........NOTHING AT ALL!

    Sign on, Sign on....
  13. Lets hear no more about the Rafalution and the Spirit of f****** Istanbul anyway.
  14. Like I said predictable!!

    One of the good things about dealing with winning is also knowing how to deal with defeat - I can do it but the sour grape seems to still be part of your make up.

    Bad pennies on all sides - you quote Munich banners and then throw in that you never killed anyone? Back to the playground because that is where I expect that sort of stuff with all the other arrses who produce that sort of crap. It just means that it will always be tit for tat.

    Please don't think you annoyed me - I would have to arrsed about you for that to happen.

    I know how bad it feels to lose and therefore never rub anyones nose in it as it will always come back round and bite you so please don't suggest I would be doing it to you if the tables were turned as I really do have better things to do.

    Notice that we still manage to get so much of your attention tho' so you obviously have some feeling for us.

    Won't be back here on this thread so crack on for now and see you on the other Liverpool thread when you just can't resist anymore.

    By the way - a cutting edge would have seen us through if you are even interested in football talk and hopefully we will find that in the transfer market in the close season. Sorry football - how could I even think you might be remotely interested!!
  15. Traitor.

    Hagar, ignore the dimwit.

    Let's meet him one night in Southport and give him some good news.

    If he can find it from Kent......