Come on Everton

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by joey_deacons_lad, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Not long to go now until the game i think we can beat chelsea im not saying its a certainty but it can be done if everyone is at the top of thier game with the crowd behind them. Ive had cahill 1st goal and a 2-1 win 55/1 not bad odds as long as we dont have any daft mistakes we could be at wembley next month COYB!!!
  2. Doesnt a 2-1 to Everton at 90 min mean extra time? 55-1 isnt that great if you cant possibly win is it?!



    2-0 with goals from Lescott and Cahill.
  3. the scorecast is for 90 mins and i hope we win 5-0 but i bet using my head not heart it will be a tough one but who knows
  4. Never mind boys. Class them Chelsea Lads. Shiite in Semis though. Gollum should have had a chat with Rafa.........
  5. We just weren't good enough last night. No excuses.

    Still gutted though.

    Will just have to focus on the 'Waffer' Cup and 4th place in the League now....

    (*crosses fingers for at least one of them)
  6. Fair enough. It really rankles though doesn't it?

    I hate watching my team and knowing they are not performing to their potential (a la against Man U and any number of other teams this season).

    Do you think you played as well as you could S_S or did they leave a bit in reserve and just not make the required breakthrough?
    I only saw the tail end of the highlights.

    Incidentally do you know anything about the "A" celebration started by AJ and now picked up by a few strikers?
  7. We needed an early goal and nearly got one after about 20 mins. Apart for a 10 min period around the 60 min mark, we never troubled them really again.

    Their goal killed it off and after that we looked beaten.

    I'm dispaointed - of course I am; but I can't be that biased to say we deserved to go through because on the night we simply didn't deserve to.
  8. The 'A' thing relates to a scheme aimed at getting school kids to stay in school and get better grades or something.....

    It's all about trying to get 'A' grades or some such horseshit....
  9. Is it not a Mickey Mouse cup anymore then?
  10. Everton fans never said it was. We would have loved to have won it.

    The only teams that truly regard it as 'Mickey Mouse' are Man Utd and Arsenal as they ALWAYS always play their youth sides.

    It's only Mickey Mouse to Liverpool as soon as they are out. Funny how it never is if they win it, eh...??

    Anyway - we're out so it's all a bit academic isn't it...??
  11. Only because I read something about it the other day.
    From here -,,2237248,00.html