Come on England!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Perturbed, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. World cup final about to kick off. Go England and make us proud.

    TBH I never thought they would get this far.
  2. Don't believe it - Broon is there!

  3. Its okay. He'll bottle it and go home just before kick off.

  4. Well thats bloody jinxed it then
  5. Looking as maudlin and vacant as ever! Probably struggled to remember the words of the National Anthem, his brain defaulting as usual to The Red Flag! :roll:
  6. Yeah baby!!!!!!!!! got internet commentary at fecking last

  7. Go Jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!
  8. Although I'm a green as green can be Paddy, I would also like to see England win, this is Northern against Southern hemispheres and we are all in the same tribe :wink:

    plus when we beat you in the 6 nations it'll be all the much sweeter :lol:
  9. :D Fair enough. :D

    C'mon ENGLAND!
  10. Ugh! Better a 3 point penalty than a try and conversion, but we've got to keep discipline because we can't afford to give away any more penalties. Glad to see that Catt has his kicking boots on though and has managed to find touch a couple of times rather than hoofing the ball straight into the arms of the opposition as has been his MO recently!
  11. Anyone else not impressed with the kicking game?
  12. If the Boks win, however, will there be the bitching against them like there was against England in 2003 about our boring win?!

    It's not the most exciting game - the last 10 minutes were pretty full-on though - but I think we can pull it back, so long as we keep discipline.
  13. They'll need to up thier game in the second half, could still do it though.
  14. What the FCUK!!!???