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Hey everyone! Been a lurker for quite a while but thought I'd post my very first thread! I'm a gay squaddie in my mid-twenties, out to pretty much everyone, currently biding my time in the sandpit and am looking for friends / dates / shags / whatever. If you don't wanna post here, just PM me! You know you want to :D :D :D


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WaaH Or Bum Walt or even Bum Welt.

Brave man though I hope he has a big in box Tee tee
:oops: :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
This may well be a wah. However whether it is or not, please take the rampant homophobia elsewhere. If you have nothing useful to say in this forum - then say nothing.

(pointless homophobic insults deleted from thread)
[i]Poster name deleted by Mod since I deleted the post[/i] said:
More pointless homophobia deleted by Mod
Aye, well that's the plan but you usually have to give it a good few months before Anti-Tanks are up for it...
Since you can't all resist dragging this thread through the mud and none of you have anything remotely helpful or constructive to post, I shall, having spoken to the original poster, now lock this thread.

Please note this is NOT the NAAFI bar.
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