come home and nothing bad will happen!

Missing Eritrea football team 'welcome home'

Officials said it was the third time an Eritrean team had failed to return

Eritrea's national football team, who have gone missing in Kenya, are welcome to return home, officials say.
Information Minister Ali Abdu told the BBC they would get a "good welcome" despite "betraying" their country.
He confirmed reports that 12 players had not returned from a regional tournament in Kenya.
The UN says hundreds of Eritreans flee the country every month amid reports of government repression, poverty and a harsh national service regime.
But the government denies that Eritreans are fleeing and accuses the UN of lying about the figures.
Mr Ali told the BBC's Focus on Africa that the disappearance was "not good news".
But he said: "This is their country. They are entitled to live and work in their country, if they come back."
When the plane returned to the Eritrean capital Asmara from the Cecafa competition for East and Central African nations last week, it was reportedly carrying only the team coach and an official.
The government had earlier denied any players were missing.
Cecafa head Nicholas Musonye told the BBC programme it was the third time the Eritrean team had failed to return home after a tournament.
The AFP news agency says Eritrea's government tried to stop sportsmen from fleeing in 2007 by forcing all travelling athletes to deposit 100,000 nakfa ($6,600) before leaving the country.
like the bit about having a "good welcome" when they get back!! i suppose having your nuts pulled out by pliars or being ripped apart by crocs isn,t a bad way to be introduced back into the community! 8O
I remember Roger Cook doing a program on a former tout who was told come home and every thing will be fine!

Oh no it wasn't!
Mr_Deputy said:
Wasn't there an Iraqi team shot dead on their return?
And a Colombian one that was kidnapped and executed after losing to Paraguay?

It's a funny old game, body-armour for goalposts...
I rather like the idea of the coach and official having to eat twelve extra breakfasts, just to cover up the missing players...not a problem for the Eritreans that.
It's intersting with London 2012 around the corner, the Eritrean Olympic team now consists of 796 atheletes. Only outdone in Africa by the Nigerian team with 12,336.


Book Reviewer
They love it over here, the Eritraens. It's reasonable to say that what with the number of Kenyan 'Somalians' who ended up over here, there are better people smuggling routes in Kenyan as opposed to Eritrea. Which, being an impoverished place, isn't quite the economic draw that we are....

Hahaha, thats what they think - Gordo has a cunning plan that involves stopping immigration by destroying the U.K. economy, thus rendering it unattractive to economic migrants ;)
Little (well figuratively speaking) pocket of shithole countries there. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia..... and if Gordo has his way we will be in a similar state but without the sunshine.
Fat_Cav said:
It's intersting with London 2012 around the corner, the Eritrean Olympic team now consists of 796 atheletes. Only outdone in Africa by the Nigerian team with 12,336.
could do a sweepstake to guess how many eritrean,s return home,they could book a cesna for the return journey and then their goverment could have more money to spend on the bare essentials of life, like cartier watches,bentleys and gold cufflinks. :x

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