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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by captaincalamity, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Ok, am watching Celebrity CDWM, so what is your menu of choice, and who would you invite?

    For me, apart from Julia Bradbury on a plate - mmm, it wouldn't be Edwina - what a sour puss, and that Biggins idiot, although he came out with a good joke or two, just needs a sharp attitude adjusting slap! I'll have to ponder the menu - your turn.

  2. I would invite............

    1. Nigella Lawson
    2. Cat Cora
    3. Rachel Ray
    4. Anjum Anand

  3. Lena Zavaroni
    Army Shitehouse
    Bobby Sands

    Loads of seconds.

    Dawn French would be permanently excluded
  4. Menu of choice? If I'm cooking, then a simple starter, something like a cream of mushroom soup. Beef Wellington with chunky jacket potato wedges, steamed carrots and broccoli and a nice beef gravy. Maybe a chocolate torte or key lime pie for dessert, or sod the dessert and go with a nice English cheeseboard.

    Guests: David Bowie, Ray Mears, Ronnie Corbett and Jools Holland. A nice friendly, chatty bunch with a lot of interesting and differing anecdotes.

    Edit: I just asked my wife the same question, she came out with Sir Trevor MacDonald, David Gilmour, Dave Swift (bass player with Jools Holland) and and David Attenborough.
    She'd get me to cook. If she was forced to, she'd cook Lasagne, but after all, she's a sh!t cook. Lasagne or Chilli is all they'd get, because she knows nothing else. :roll:
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Julia Bradbury,such a little minx......

    1-My late Dad
    2-'Bomber' Harris
    3-Kate Humble
    4-Julia Bradbury
    5-Kate Silverton

    First course-
    Game Samosa's with a red onion & chilli jam

    Mom's Irish stew with Wheaten Bread
    Pepper Steak,wedges & mushroom medly

    Cheese board & port

    Maybe serve a small sorbet between courses to clean the palate.
  6. 1. Lt Chard
    2. Jeremy Clarkson
    3. Isambard kingdom Brunel
    4. Eva mendez
    5. Robert Webb
  7. Gordon Brooooon, Tony Bliar, Mandy Mandleson, in fact the whole cabinet, no cancel that just all politicians.

    Starter: Any soup with arsenic
    Main: Any meat and veg with ground up glass
    Sweet: Almond sponge cake with cyanide filling


    All VC holders and anything they like
  8. Guests

    Tara Palmer Tonkinonononson

    Sophie Anderton

    Abi Clancy



    Mineral water

    Chewing gum

  9. Guests

    Jeremy Clarkson
    Boris Johnson (For pure entertainment value)
    Chef Nigel Slater (I just love his simple approach to food)
    Steven Fry
    Shami Chakrabarti
    Nick Griffin (Leader of BNP)
    Hugh Fernley Whittingstall
    Sir Terry Leahy (CEO of Tesco)
    Louise Rednapp
    Germaine Greer
    Katie Price aka. Jordun
    Kylie Minogue (She would be my afters!!)


    Who cares,?Domino's pizza probably, but with guests like these who's going to worry about the food. I could serve up any ol' shite.
  10. To be honest I get to see or have seen a lot of people I would have in my list and quite a few from the previous lists on here.
    Only thing is I never get to sit down with them.
  11. Guests:

    Steven Hawkins and his own chair
    Sarah Palin (hidden webcam under table)
    Bill & Melinda Gates
    Gordon Ramsey


    Range Stew and dry sliced bread.
  12. The Labour Government


    Toed in the Hole