Come Dine with Me......Scaley Edition

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. Mrs JD was watching this yesterday and up popped this bloke. I'm sure I recognise him but why oh why has he added the Cold War Bling medal to his miniatures......oh, and he didn't win and fucked his scoff up!

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  2. Wasn't he a staffy at SHAPE in 95ish?
  3. He only had Sgt rank up on his mess dress NB. They said his name was Nick Hawkins.
  4. Collection of serving and ex Royal Signals here in total agreement that he looks a twat now and looked a twat when he was in but is harmless enough. "I think he needs a cuddle!".
  5. That show is still going?
  6. What a complete belter!
  7. Isn't that Curly Watts in mess dress?
  8. More like Wallace and that salute is
  9. nick hawkins was at jhq DCSA for a bit - ended up doing a stint on BFBS radio for a bit
  10. the programe is fcuking sh1t anyway.
  11. Ah he looks happy enough. I've heard he'll baby-sit for free!!
  12. Don't salute without a hat on!
  13. Nick's a good lad. He did used to do the Drivetime show on Beefers when he was a serving S/Sgt with 252 Sig Sqn in JHQ. He got out and went to work for a ex pat radio station just S of Alicante, but now he's up in Cheshire. Funny thing is that he's got a proper "Smashie and Nicey" radio voice. I'd heard him on the radio for over a month before I'd twigged that it was him.

    Not seen the show because it looks pap, but Nick's OK.
  14. No excuse for wearing the dodgy gong though!!
  15. C'mon, JD, he did have some totty to impress, Party Girl and Yummy Mummy :) Mind, didn't do his cooking any good though!