Come back Lipstick

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Muttley, Dec 27, 2003.

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  1. Has anybody seen Lipstick? Has she run away to live on Tracey Island? Is she no longer gracing the naafi?

    I am missing her..

    Can we all keep an eye out for her...

    Come back Lippy.....
  2. I think she's spending it with her loved one, and won't be back till next week. I'll change my name if you want Mutters, and you can call me Shirley? Would that help?
  3. Lippy bring your mononork back and stand and be ridiculed some more.

    If you want pan to give you some lady loving I'll try and sort you out.

    If its a MDN love voucher you want, sorry can't do on the count that your an elderly and wrinkled moose, and I've done too many of them :D
  4. Hi SHirley!...........come here often?
  5. Only when I'm touched in the right place, big boy 8O
  6. Weh heh!
  7. She's bound, gagged, has an orange in her mouth and is locked inFlash's cellar......but she's OK.
  8. Shirley,MDN, Flash, Muttley,
    What have you done to make dear lippy stay away.
    I,d give you ten lashes each but MDN and Muttley would enjoy themselves to much and I aint gonna say what Shirley and Flash would do LOL.
  9. She had a confused reaction related to the delete and log out account buttons, all twenty of em... on Christmas night :lol:

    Bloody orange wasnt a Jaffa either! cheapskate :wink:
  10. Is it you..are you many norks :D
  11. Multiply by five, times seventy and divide by one..... :roll:
  12. 350?? Freaksville.

    (Do the maths mongchild!!)
  13. Clever. Do you fish?
  14. Welcome back lippy missed ya.