Come and See (Idi i Somtri) by Elem Klimov

Thoughts and comments?

Finally saw Klimov's film on the atrocities committed by the Einsatzgruppen and other Germans in Belarus. I can see why, some might label it as Soviet propaganda but admittedly after only reading the Rhodes book on the Einsatzgruppen it seemed pretty accurate in its portrayal of them as emotionally retarded, drunken killers.
Not sure about it's idealistic portrayal of the Partisans but thought the portrayal of Florya and his journey was outstanding.
Not seen it, got a link or point of purchase?
I bought this on a recommendation by (I think) Vegetius on a previous thread. Absolutely outstanding, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Listening to the interviews included with the DVD reveals that all the ammo used was live - no pyro or huge balls of flame here, and perhaps as a result it felt real to me in a way I rarely experience. However, it does go a bit arty Russian cinema in parts, which may put off the MTV generation.
Ta for the link.


A film worth watching but not worth buying in my opinion unless you got loads of mates to lend it to as watching it once was enough.

Also recommend watching it in Russian and reading the subtitles as the dubbing is terrible unless horrible faux New York accents is your thing.

I'd agree with the 'arty-farty' and MTV generation coments there are only a couple of action sequences; the night firing bit with the cow is good :-D

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