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twas strange that @Dicky Ticker mentioned Eugene, by sheer coincidence that day I had been listening to the Zabrinski Point soundtrack which has 'Come In No.51, Your Time Is Up' which is just a reworked version of Eugene.

I rarely listen to Floyd these days, but I'd been playing Jeff Beck's 'Wired'' album and got a hankering to listen to those later Waters' albums that Beck had guested on. The Zabrinski Point OST was sitting at that dusty end of the collection so gave it an airing too...
That was one weird film. I mean it really was.


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"...And when was the last time they jumped operationally?"

‘I must say ma’am I am most impressed by the Prince’s command of the Anglo Saxon language when he landed in that tree, even for a Naval officer’
‘You may say that but one is not amused and he will be on the receiving end of a right hard bollocking when he gets home!’
‘Forgot you were in the ATS ma’am’


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